Yoga Online

Basic Yoga Classes

Yoga Shoulder Openers

Length:  22 minutes

Use simple yoga poses to release tension and stress in your neck and shoulders.  


Yoga Hip Openers

Length:  30 minutes

Open those hips by creating stability and strength through the outer hips.  We explore poses like Triangle, 1/2 Moon, and Warrior III.  As well as delicious supine hip openers!  


Flowing Yoga Class

30 Minutes with focus on hugging the midline to help us find balance.

Basic 30 minute yoga class

Move through a basic flow with warm up and a series of standing poses.

Half Sun Salutations

Find ease and relaxation with simple movement and breath work in this video.  There is also the wonderful and special appearance of Gracie, the Boston Terrier, doing her best upward facing dog!