When in Doubt, Breathe It Out


How do you see the blessings in your life?

When the world feels like it’s crashing down, you’re tired, and your heart feels heavy, it’s a challenge to connect with gratitude. One thing that can help is moving with your breath. Think of this as opportunity to chip away at the the grime and grit that has coated you to the point of barely being able to breathe.

How do you find room for gratitude in your heart?

Yoga poses have a way of releasing not only the tight aches and pains in our muscles. But also in our hearts. How does this happen, you might ask? Well, emotions are stored within your whole body. When I work one on one with my students, I often ask them, where do you feel the stretch? And do your muscles feel? Have they just had it? Are they tired? Or fatigued? Do they feel overwhelmed? Are they angry or Inflamed? 

Don’t take yourself too seriously when you check in with your muscles and how they feel. Instead, be playful about it. Try using the phrase, “hmmm…that’s interesting…” 

Watch your thoughts.

Do you ever catch yourself saying, “Oh, they’re a pain in the neck!!” Or a ‘PITA’ as one amazing student brought me up to speed on – “Pain in the a$$”. “They give me a headache!” 

Watch what you’re saying because these things have a way of showing up in our body!! 

The yoga poses are designed to help you relax and let go of tension on all levels, physical (body), thoughts (mind), spirit (emotions). So you might experience some waves of big emotion washing over you. That’s a good thing!

When in doubt, breathe it out!

You want to release those pent up emotions before they create such havoc within you that you end up in a state of distress or dis-ease.

When these big feelings bubble to the surface, say ‘hello’ to them. Often when people and things are simply seen and validated their power over us lessens. It’s not so overwhelming.

It may not be easy to go through the emotion, but it is a whole lot easier than keeping it stuffed down within us for decades.

You are making the world a better place! Yes, You!!

The work (play) you do on your sticky mat is ultimately creating a positive ripple effect across the world. 

You are strengthening your physical body and honing your mindset to see the beauty in this world. To offer kindness where it is needed most. To realize that the frustrations, anger, and worry will pass. 

You have the tools to handle these tough times with grace. Others will learn by your example and be inspired!

You make a difference every time you step onto your sticky mat!!!

Thank you for shining your light so bright in this world and lifting others up! I am filled with gratitude for you and the time you take to build into yourself!!

Let’s Play Yoga Together!

Try this 7 minute Yoga Flow to Tune into Your Heart and cultivate the ability to see the blessings all around you!

I’ll see you on your mat!

with light and love,

Yoga with Irena Miller, Intuitive Yoga Coach www.irenamiller.com

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