Yoga Nidra



Exhausted?  Out of energy?

Use this deep restorative practice – Yoga Nidra (Yogi’s sleep) to get an energy boost in just 25 minutes.  

If you find yourself lacking energy, not sleeping well, or just feeling totally drained this will be the best practice you could give yourself. After a Yoga Nidra practice, you will feel deeply rested and your energy restored. It’s even better than a power nap!!!

During the Yoga Nidra, you’re not meant to sleep.  Instead you go right to that edge between being awake and asleep.  There, you will go into a deep meditative state.  Guided into a full body relaxation, visualization, and breath work.


Plan for about 25 minutes with today’s Yoga Nidra practice.  Grab a comfy place to lie down!


Let’s play!

Here’s the audio to download for your Yoga Nidra practice.  Check it out!  Remember to share comments on my Facebook page or share pictures with me on Instagram.


Benefits of Yoga Nidra



    • When we are overtired everything seems harder.  This practice will guide you into a deep state of relaxation and you will emerge feeling lighter, more free and hopeful.
  • calm the mind

    • With guided physical relaxation and visualization the mind stops racing and you move into deep peacefulness.
  • enhance clarity& creativity

    • The foggy brain that comes with being overtired, overworked, and super stressed dissipates.  You are left feeling refreshed and more creative.
  • Increase ENERGY

    • Yoga Nidra is better than a power nap!  
  • boost your immune system

    • Through deep relaxation you shift the nervous system into healing mode.




with light and love,

QUESTIONS OR comments?

Did you feel completely relaxed after yoga nidra?  Did you fall asleep? It’s ok if you did 🙂