Yoga Hip Openers


It’s not often that we have to sit on the floor, park benches, or high school bleachers but those moments do come up every now and then.  You might find yourself having to reach down for ice that jumped out of the fridge.  Or even getting down onto the floor to play with little ones.  

Can you get up and down with ease and grace?  


Take last evening for example.  My teenage son loves to give me minimal information.  Usually it’s because he’s just going with the flow and he thinks naturally his yogi mom will too. 🙂  The understanding was that a ceremony was to take place and introduce this year’s soccer players.

Being new to this and sports ball; it was a mystery as to where these events were happening at the school.  When this happens, it’s good to just follow the pack :).  So as parents streamed into the high school bleachers, I followed along.  These knowing parents brought cushions and back jacks (do they still call them that? I am so proud I know this!).  And we all settled in for a 2 hour rest on metal slabs as all the high school athletes were introduced and cheered on!  


This is where yoga saved me!  

Instead of feeling achy, uncomfortable, and tired.  Imagine feeling strong enough in your core to support you, without tiring your back.  Visualize your hips, happily seated on the bench, thanks to all those yoga hip openers.  And the ability to hold steady for 2 hours, thanks to the mindfulness that yoga brings as learn to live in the present moment.

Join me for this Yoga for Happy Hips practice and find yourself moving with more grace and ease.  


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