Yoga Coaching Sessions

Yoga Class Designed Just For You!


where you are….

Maybe you’re on the road.

Maybe you’re day is packed with client calls.

Maybe you’re juggling multiple projects and just want your neck and shoulders to stop hurting.


What you know…

You know yoga makes you feel physically great, energetic, and clear headed. But getting to a yoga studio is not an option.


what you want…

And you want more than just a cookie cutter video.

You want direct access to a Certified Yoga Teacher who can answer your questions and offer YOU specific guidance immediately to help with your trouble areas.


How you’re going to get there…

Working with you one on one in a LIVE Virtual Zoom session, I will create an individualized 30 minute class to target all your trouble spots!  


Why go this route?

I’m here to help you cut through the noise, connect with your inner guidance, and make decisions with greater ease. Decisions that you are confident in! No more second guessing!

In our yoga class together, I will help you define your desired outcome, create the yoga sequencing, and explore alternative options to certain poses.  Join me to reduce the unnecessary stresses, aches, and pains that are distracting you from your heart’s passion!


The details

By requesting a Yoga session with me, you agree to the terms outlined here.

One on one sessions, 30 minutes each, take place on a Zoom call. The link will be sent to you.

Your one month investment in a Yoga Class Designed Just For You is $197.

“I was completely overwhelmed with the beautiful combination of yoga, thai yoga, energy work, and guided mediation, that I experienced in a session with Irena.  The combination of these modalities allowed me to gently release a huge piece of old negative energy.  By the end of the session I felt competely refreshed, balanced, and with a mental clarity I have not had in some time.  I highly recommend Irena’s work as a healer.”  – Cathy, Cincinnati, Ohio