Yoga for Runners


Run for your spirit!

Anyone who has trained for a race or simply a big adventure can attest to the work involved in preparing for the big day.  The ups and downs of training, those moments when you question if it really is worth it.  Do you have what it takes?  Did you prepare well enough?  Are you ready?And then the day comes when we must step out.  

Pulling up our courage, music pumping, we stand in the crowd surrounded.  Just like sardines we pack in.  Excitement building and anticipation moving through like waves.  When can we go?  Then the noise sounds and we’re off.   Feet shuffling, bodies knocking, we strive to find a rhythm.  Yet, the first few moments are spent walking – way back in my 10 minute a mile group.  Where will my opening be?  When will the crowd thin out?  And it happens naturally.  

There we are, all struggling for a foothold and just a few moments later we fall into our own rhythm.  You see the people who run for one another.  Carrying a friend, encouraging them with the struggle.  The bright faces of strangers who cheer you on.  The ones who show up on cold, early mornings to hold silly signs of inspiration.   I LOVE these people.  What an amazing display of coming together and cheering one another on.

I run races for the thrill of being with people who are going for big goals and the LOVE that is shared by cheering one another on.  Because when we all make it to that finish line, there’s no sweeter feeling.  Whether we run across it on our own two legs, hands and knees, or friends carrying us.  We did this together.  We ran OUR race and we shared it with OTHERS.

If you ever find yourself shying away from certain adventures because the work seems daunting, surround yourself with uplifting spirits!  We are the company we keep.  So keep great company! 🙂

Thanks for being my uplifting company!  Here’s me cheering you on with Don (my awesome hubby) photobombing.  In the words of Hans and Franz, “We’re here to PUMP YOU UP!”

yoga for runners Irena Miller

You got this!


Have a blessed week!

These tips are wonderful for walkers, hikers, and gardeners too!

Chace, Lexi, myself, and Don's thumb :)     Flying Pig 2012

Chace, Lexi, myself, and Don’s thumb 🙂 

Flying Pig 2012

Tip #1 – “Nothing will work, unless you do.” Maya Angelou

parsvakonasana irena miller

We’re getting ready for the Flying Pig here in Cincinnati! It’s a wonderful adventure! So here’s to all the runners out there! Keep going!


1. Find a tree, curb, or post.

2. Place the edge of your outer left foot against it.

3. Step your right foot out and line up right heel to left arch.

4. Bend the right knee over the ankle. Place your right forearm on your thigh.

5. Stretch your left arm along side your ear.

6. Keep pressing the outer edge of the left foot against the tree so you can lengthen even more through the left arm.

7. Switch sides!

Tip #2 – Make space for possibility. 

trikonasana irena miller

See it and believe it!! You’ve got this!


1. Find a tree, wall, or post.

2. Place your right toes near the tree and step your left foot back about 3.5 – 4 feet.

3. Line up right heel to left arch.

4. Now we play!

5. Right hand can reach for shin or ankle. Left arm the sky!

6. Or reach left arm towards tree.

7. Or reach right hand to tree and left arm to sky!

8. Have fun and be playful!

9. Switch sides!

Tip #3 – Spread your wings and fly!

reclining warrior irena miller

With open side bodies your breath will come with greater ease. More oxygen = more energy. 

1. Find a tree, wall, or post.

2. Place the edge of your left foot against the tree and step your right foot out about 3.5 – 4 feet.

3. Line up right heel to left arch.

4. Bend your right leg, knee over the ankle.

5. Lean back and place your left hand on your thigh or shin. Reach your right arm for the sky!

6. Switch sides!

Tip #4 – Meet Yourself in the Moment

garudasana irena miller

Eagle Pose is great for the IT band! And upper back – helping with deep breathing!

Meet yourself where you are in that moment. By meeting yourself at your edge, your maximum, you will grow. That edge will continuously move. There is no need to bust through our boundaries to make transformations happen. Give your 100% in that moment and the rest will come. ?

  1. Bend your left leg and move your inner thighs back.

  2. Cross your right leg over and here are the options:

    • place the ball of your right foot on the ground – just to the left of your foot (so legs are crossed).

    • or press the outer edge of your foot against your shin.

    • or wrap your right foot behind your left calf.Now for the arms ? 

  3. Reach our arms out like wings, palms up.

  4. Bring your arms towards your chest and cross left elbow on top of right. See if you can bring your palms to touch.

  5. Switch sides – legs and arms!

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Remember eagles soar and move with the wind! It might be very windy where you are ?


Tip #5 – Let’s get this fire started!

fire log irena miller

Standing fire log pose!  This is a great one to keep those hips happy for running!

  1.  Bend your left leg and move the inner thighs back

  2. Place your right ankle on your left thigh and squeeze the inner thighs towards one another to stabilize the hips.

  3.  You can bring the hands to prayer position.

  4. Maybe you try to reach the hands for the ground.

  5. Enjoy and take 5 deep breaths 

  6. Switch sides!

Want more fabulous tips on how to keep in top running condition with yoga?  

Check out More Yoga For Runners here!  

with light and love,

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