Yoga Feet




Did you know that walking outside barefoot is a great way to release anxiety?  Or burying your feet in the sand?  It’s a wonderful way to calm the nervous system.  

And when life gets busy and you run from one activity to another, never pausing to catch your breath.  Do you realize how much your feet are working for you?

There’s a beautiful meditative practice that brings awareness to the way you place your feet on the earth.  Each step becomes a blessing.  A transmission of gratitude and love.  Gratitude for your feet and the earth that supports you.  Love for the gifts that are freely given by your feet and the earth.

Catch yourself today as you run from one place to the next – can you place your feet mindfully on the earth?  Send a blessing and a prayer of thanks.  Feel the connection to the earth.  The stability it provides.  Find your anxiety melting away.



Yoga for feet practice

Length: 11 minutes

Intention:  Connect with the Earth, Let Go of Anxiety

Focus:  Feet

Props:  A tennis ball, chair


Do you know about yogic mindful breathing to help reduce anxiety?

This is great for those moments when you’re on the run, out of breath, stressed out and it’s not even 9 am!

Download this free 5 minute audio file – A brief visualization and breathing technique to Get Calm and find your peace. 

Easy as popping in your earbuds and pressing play.

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