Y.E.S. December Week 4

The Yoga Club with Irena

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Yoga Club with Irena - Live bite sized yoga practices www.irenamiller.com/yoga-club

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Full Moon Yoga Adventure

Strengthen your back and core, improve our posture, and connect to your unseen resources!! Really FEEL that the Universe has got your back!!!


Replay of the December New Moon Adventure

Set 3 intentions to grow over this month and the months to come. Using the shape of a circle to symbolically represent community, friendship, and the crystals Moldavite and Lepidolite to help calm any worries or fears you have about the unknowns as you change tracks and open your heart to overflowing optimism for your dreams. How good can you stand it?

(hips, thighs, hamstrings, shoulders)

A practice to wake you up.

The play of concealment and revelation. When you can’t see the full picture how do you find your footing? Join me for a yoga play on this as we work up to the beautiful dancer pose.

Great for Afternoon or Evening

Eagle eye vision through a strong foundation. Find the ability to soar when you can trust your wings! Release the fatigue and tension in the legs so that you can take flight with greater ease. Hips openers and eagle pose will get you there!

If you are interested in getting more details about the Burning Bowl and Smudging Ceremony from 2017/2018 that I mention at the end of this video, send me a quick message via the form below.


Your Gift for being a part of the YOGA CLUB!!!!

Thank you for being HERE!!! You are a bright light in this world!!! This practice will help you restore your energy and keep your energy and immune system strong!!!


Restore Your Energy

Masterclass on Restorative Yoga

Time:  90 minutes

Props:  a few blankets, pillows, and a chair

Don’t have time to take a vacation? This is better than any staycation and you can feel your energy replenished in 90 minutes!

Through a powerful and mindful sequencing, experience a deep rest with some of the most popular restorative poses, Reclined Bound Angle and some new takes on old favorites!

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