Y.E.S. December Week 1

The Yoga Club with Irena

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New Moon Yoga Adventure
Thursday, 12/6/18
7:00-8:00 pm EST

Full Moon Yoga Adventure
Saturday, 12/22/18
8:30-9:30 am EST

Replay of the December New Moon Adventure

Set 3 intentions to grow over this month and the months to come. Using the shape of a circle to symbolically represent community, friendship, and the crystals Moldavite and Lepidolite to help calm any worries or fears you have about the unknowns as you change tracks and open your heart to overflowing optimism for your dreams. How good can you stand it?

(hips, thighs, hamstrings, shoulders)


Replay of the November Full Moon Adventure


Replay of the November New Moon Adventure

A true gem of a practice 🙂 You’ll find out which crystals help you stay grounded, protected, and focused during this time. Discover the Yoga hand gesture that helps you tap into your confident heart and stay courageous as you are being called to be a Spiritual Warrior and transform yourself from an old way of living/being to a new you! Like the Phoenix you will rise bright, brilliant, and bold! Open your hips and creative centers with this Yoga Flow and Stand in Your Power with the Energy exercises shared in this practice.

A practice to wake you up.

Stop, Drop, and Flow…….with your breath find joy in the journey of pausing in a yoga pose, dropping the heavy thoughts, and stepping into the flow of life around you. Standing poses.

Great for Afternoon or Evening

Restore your energy with longer holds. A Yin influence with some Restorative Yoga too!

Wild Wonderful Wacky Yoga – Intermediate to Advanced Practice

Lose the stress and open your heart with this yoga flow! Make your way through a sun salute flow of standing poses. Then fly to the moon and rock those hips with variations of pigeon. Top it off with the wonderful camel and be ready for any adventure on your plate!


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