Y.E.S. April Week 1

The Yoga Club with Irena

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Full Moon Adventure

April 18, 2019
9:15-9:45 am ET

April’s Moon Adventures


A fiery flow to open your hips, tone your core, and get you sweating!

(hips, core, hamstrings)


Full Moon Adventure

Create strong, healthy, energetic boundaries with physical yoga poses. Get ready to build strength to feel the freedom of flying. Great hip openers (lose the stress) and twists (detox and feel lighter) to get you ready for spring!!

(side bodies, hips, IT band, back)


New Moon in Pisces Yoga Club! Set an intention that creates the pathway for you to live the life you were born to live! Through a series of hamstring releasing yoga poses, discover that you connect to the bigger picture through your back body. The ability to trust fall into the support of grace, community, and friends in high places.

(legs, hamstrings)


A practice to wake you up.

Fine tune your body like an instrument. Think of the bow across the violin string and the amazing sound it can make when it’s in tune! Standing poses like baby dancer will help you find this. And opening up your back while strengthening it too through locust pose variations and pyramid pose!

(Improve Posture, Strengthen Back, Legs, Shoulders)

Great for Afternoon or Evening

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” ~ Alice in Wonderland

A Yoga practice helps you see the world in a totally different way! Things that seemed impossible yesterday have a new look to them today. You start to see new angles, new solutions. 

Get your legs and core in shape as you strengthen your back and improve your posture! Lots of modifications are given, so make it as spicy as you would like! Remember, Yoga needs to be flexible for you!! Not the other way around. You’ll go through Sun Salutes and some variations. Standing poses like warrior I and supine back releasers!

(legs, core, improve posture)

Wild Wonderful Wacky Yoga – Intermediate to Advanced Practice

Like the water that dances to music and lights, get ready for a playful dance with bow pose and dancer variations. If you have a Yoga Belt bring it to this class and learn how to ‘flip your grip’. If you don’t have a belt, no worries, you can get creative with other substitutions. 

(taking it to the next level to Improve Posture, Strengthen Back, Legs, Shoulders)

* Remember this is an Intermediate/Advanced class designed for the yogi who has been playing for a little while and wants to up the ante and learn some of the finer details on how to get into poses like crane, headstand, upward facing bow, wild thing……..and much more!

(Please remember to listen to your breath and body as you do any practice. When you are trying to determine your ‘edge’ – how far you should go in a pose, pay attention to your breath. If you are holding your breath, grasping for it, or breathing short, quick breaths come out of the pose – you’re pushing too hard. The goal is to breathe even, steady breaths in all that you do. They may not always be deep but they are steady.)

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