Winter Yoga 4



Day 4



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Dreaming is a wonderful thing until it ends up just to be dreaming.

At some point you need to take action and go from the high level dream into the details.

How do you create a plan or blueprint to help your dream become a reality?


Use focus to hone in on the important tasks and avoid distractions that will pull you away from your dream.

Balancing poses in yoga are a fun way to cultivate strength in focusing. You’ll notice that if your mind wanders and starts to think about all the days worries and to dos, balancing will be tough!

The yogis use a drishti, or gazing point, to keep you in the present moment. As soon as your gaze wanders, your balance will too.



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Try this quick 15 minute yoga practice to help you on your path.


  • Build the strength and discipline necessary to focus on the task at hand through balancing poses. Develop a strong core and open hips.


  • 15 minutes


  • 2 blocks (optional)
  • 1 blanket (optional)


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Thank you for playing with me today!  I’ll see you on your mat!

Yoga with Irena

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