Why Set an Intention?


Why set an intention for the New Year?

Everyone gets so serious at the beginning of the new year. Putting on intentions that don’t necessarily fit and feel like scratchy wool sweaters. Lose 10 lbs, organize, systematize, legitimize. These are all great things to set our sights upon.

And if these intentions don’t truly align to your heart’s desire, there’s a good chance they won’t happen.


What is motivating you?

Take an honest look at your motivation. If it is to feel peaceful and at home in your body, spirit, and mind maybe losing 10 lbs isn’t the right intention. It might bring stress, worry, and anxiety as you count calories and try to get to the gym. 

How about a motivation that knows movement will release happy endorphins and as a result will lift your spirits and help you make more loving choices?

This way, when 5 am rolls around and your sticky mat is calling to you to practice, the motivation to get out of bed comes from the knowing that you’ll feel incredible after you’ve done your practice. Not from the forced march of you must lose 10 lbs.


Freedom = Discipline & Discipline = Strategy

Once you have an intention that is aligned with a true heart’s desire, you need a plan.

One of my teachers has a fabulous quote she shares with us often, “Freedom = Discipline. Discipline = Strategy. And Strategy trumps Willpower.” 

This is a great reminder for me that it’s not about willpower. It’s about aligning my intentions with my heart and setting up the strategies that will support me in accomplishing my dreams.


Think about your great accomplishments – the dreams that became a reality.

Were they a result of blind luck? Or did you have a plan you followed? 


Most likely, you had a strategy or step-by-step plan to bring you to your goal. And how great does it feel to look back and know that showing up day after day, doing the work, and having faith brought this dream into being?


Give it to me straight.

The bottom line, is yes – Setting an Intention is a powerful and wonderful practice to help you realize your dreams. 


What makes the intention truly work and become fully realized is to:


  1. Align with your heart’s true desires
  2. Have a plan
  3. Show up to do the play (or work :))
  4. Have faith.
  5. Add humor.


Remember, anything of value requires discipline – essentially showing up and doing the work.

It also requires a certain amount of humor and humility. There will be falling, there will be missteps, fatigue, and sore muscles. And there will be strength, flexibility, peace of mind, and lots of laughing.  And there will be the living your dream”.


A Step-by-Step Plan for Strength & Flexibility

Here’s a plan for playing yoga at home this winter. Because who has time to go to a studio? Let alone practice for over an hour a day everyday. You can find quiet mindful moments at home for a few minutes at a time.

Join the Winter Yoga Challenge – Strategize Your Way to Health 5-Day Challenge and let me show you exactly how it’s done. We start the adventure January 11, 2017!

Find more information here or simply sign up for the free 5-Day Challenge below.

with love and light,




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