Where Do You Start with Woo


Inklings ~ Where Do You Start with Woo

There are many paths and practices and where to start can be a stumbling block to success.

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? Meditation, Crystals, Cards, Pendulums, Mindfulness, Mindset, Energy Healing, Yoga…to name just a few…oh my!

? When that decision is made to dip a toe into the “woo pool”, the next best step is having direction on where to start. Because there are a lot of rabbit holes to get lost down and it’s never any fun wasting resources only to discover that one tool, method, or modality wasn’t in alignment with your heart’s desires.

⏰To save time, money, and heartache, I am going to share my signature 4-Pillar system that is a part of my course, The Intuitive Energy Adventure.

⭐️Remember Who You Are How much of the moods and vibes in your space belong to someone else?

⭐️Connect to Your Unseen Helpers You’re not alone, connect to a wealth of resources right at your fingertips!

⭐️Clear Karma + Lose the Bad Vibes Ancestral Karma, repeating habits and patterns, limiting beliefs deny us from your best life, it’s time to clear the air.

⭐️The Right Practice for the Right Time This is like the right tool for the job. Like opening a pickle jar doesn’t always require a hammer.

There’s a better tool. Helping others discover where to start on their spiritual path is what I do! Ready for the next step…go here: https://www.irenamiller.co/live-session

Travel Yoga for Road Trips

Long road trips?  Or Flights?   It’s never fun to you reach your destination feeling cramped, tired, and fatigued as a result of being squeezed into tight spaces for too long.  Try these yoga poses to keep your body limber and feeling good!