When it’s just too much – Do this Quick Hand Gesture

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When it’s just too much …

all the New Year’s resolutions, to do lists, things to learn….try this yoga hand gesture, Tse Mudra, and shift your vibration!!! It only takes a minute to do!

New Year’s resolutions, new apps, which direction to go, what to learn next?

There seems to be so much to do and with a clean slate so to speak in front of you. Which direction do you go in especially when all of the information coming your way seems to cause a depression. It feels very heavy. Maybe there is a feeling of sadness or overwhelm and you just want to shift it.

You want to find a way to get your path back to that Joy that’s inside. That Ananda that is always present, which is different than happiness. Happiness is conditional. Happiness is kind of like the roller coaster ride. During good times, we’re happy. Bad times, we’re sad. But Ananda is that joy that’s always flowing deep within.

Thanks for joining me. If we haven’t met yet, I’m Irena Miller and welcome to Inklings with Irena! I help time strapped adventurers tune into their unseen resources and utilize a variety of techniques and tools and tips. Things like singing bowls, we’re going to play a little bit with that today, yoga hand gestures and different visualizations and meditations and crystals too, just to name a few!

The yoga hand gestures are known as Mudras.

They’re different positions that we place our hands in to create a particular experience or tune into a way of being. Many of you are probably familiar with Anjali Mudra which is often done in yoga classes and is accompanied by Namaste.

Use Anjali Mudra when you desire to tune into the gratitude of your heart.

But there are many more yoga hand gestures than just this.

Chin Mudra is another one that many of you may have seen. It is used often when meditating.

The mudra that I’m sharing today is called, Tse Mudra. This is a yoga hand gesture to help alleviate the stress, anxiety, and depression that sneak in when there’s too much to do.

It will also help with that feeling of heaviness or sadness that comes over you when you think of how far you have to go. (You’re exactly where you need to be in this moment right now.) And this is going to lift that weight, that rock, so that you see the light and you connect to that Ananda. That joy that’s within you and you’ll discover that the next step lights up and the next step and you’re getting to the place that you need to go in just the right time because you’re exactly where you need to be now.

In a seated position, take your hands and place them on the back of your legs with your palms facing the sky. Take your thumbs and wrap them in towards the base of your fingers, the thumb tip towards the base of the pinkie finger or ring finger. And then once you have that, wrap the other four fingers around your thumb. Making a soft little fist. Rest the back of your hands on your thighs.

With your hands in Tse Mudra I talk you through a little visualization and meditation in the video above, starting at the 3:17 minute mark. Have fun!

Did you feel the energetic shift from this practice?

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