When Fear Bubbles Up Try the 3 M’s


Inklings ~ When Fear Bubbles Up Try the 3 M’s

It’s never fun when self-doubt, fear, and anxiety creep in to wreak havoc. Find a great way to shift out that vibe here: https://m.me/irenakmiller?ref=ENGAGE

These three emotions of self-doubt, fear, and anxiety are like thieves in the night. They sneak in to dim the light and rob confidence.

So often when those busters set up shop, my clients will see the world through their lens.

They think, “It’s a sign!”

?Wine spilled on my notes ~ time to throw in the towel.

?A potential client ghosted the scheduled call ~ there must be nothing of value in the offering.

?The Early Bird special was missed ~ it’s not meant to happen.

Wait, wait!

✅ Take 5 deep breaths! Who’s controlling the wheel right now?

✅ Is it fear? Is it self-doubt? What’s anxiety doing in the corner over there?

✅ Before you take action in any direction, try these 3 steps to get back into the Heart Space and make choices out of love, not fear.

3 Steps to Take

❤️Be present in the moment + Breathe.

Use Mudras to help with this.

? Remember who you are.

A simple Meditation to clear the vibes that aren’t serving is a great place to begin.

? Shift the Root of the Energy.

Discern the different effects on the energy when Affirmations vs Mantras are used.

⭐️ Ready to take the next step? Go here: https://m.me/irenakmiller?ref=ENGAGE


Hello. Hello. Welcome to Inklings with Irena, the weekly energy show connecting you to your intuitive guidance system. And today what I want to talk about is when those three little stinkers of fear, anxiety, self doubt, when they bubble up, what to do because through those moments in time where self-doubt kicks in or where there’s frustration from a warrior anxiety. And when choices are made from that place, which ended up being often fear-based choices, a lot of regret follows. And I’m going to share some examples and stories about that today. And the three M’s that you want to use and employ or um, play with as these emotions might say hello every now and then. And if we haven’t met yet, by the way, my name is Irena Miller. I’m an intuitive energy coach and I have been guiding women for over two decades in how to discern these feelings that bubble up, what to true worry and anxiety versus an inkling and intuitive nudging or prompting of, pay attention, you’re going in the wrong direction. Turn around. How do we distinguish or discern between these, because this is a very important piece. So as you stop by definitely give me a quick shout out. Hello. So I know where you are and let me know where you’re watching from. Hi Murphy, it’s great to have you. Okay, so here’s the thing that’s come up. Often when I work with my one-on-one clients, as we’re getting used to reading the signs that are all around us, sometimes it’s like everything is a sign and it’s like, Oh no wine spilled all over my notes from my call with my business coach and it’s a sign that I’m on the wrong track. I need to throw in the towel. Oh no. Now it might be right. But more often than not, a Rose is a Rose. Right? What is a true sign?

How do we discern? Or maybe it’s that feeling of, Ooh, you know, the person ghosted you on the call. You had this call set up and then all of a sudden, day of the call, ring, ring, no one picks up, no one answers and self doubt and anxiety creeping. And there’s that question of like, wow, you know, is there any value in my offer or you know, am I just, you know, who am I? That imposter syndrome can sneak into with those three stinkers of self doubt, anxiety and worry. So this is important to notice because the first thing that you want to do, this leads us right into the three M’s. The three action steps. First thing I want to encourage you to do is to take a breath, give yourself a moment to pause. And in fact take five deep breaths. Five is an incredible number because it helps us through change and transformation of course, five elements as well.

But five in the tarot is that moment of right in between. You’re on the precipice of moving forward or falling back into old habits and routines. So the first thing is take five deep breaths and allow yourself to become more present. Cause here’s the most amazing thing. When you take deep, full belly breaths, it brings you into your body so that you’re in your right mind. Otherwise, when the anxiety and fear kick in, what happens is your energy pulls up, up, up, up, up, up, up. You might even notice when people get really anxious, their voice gets higher. The lower the voice, right? There’s often that feeling of calmness, security because the energy is rooted. It’s grounding. So to help you with grounding quickly in the moment, you can use hand gestures, mudras. Now, mudras are wonderful because they can be very in conspicuous.

If you’re at a conference, if you’re at a party and the anxiety kicks up, it’s hard to say, Oh, I need to take my shoes off and go barefoot outside to ground, or just, excuse me for a moment while I take a salt bath. Can I use your bathroom? Now there are many different ways to ground. They’re all wonderful, but knowing which technique to use in which moment is invaluable because you might say, Oh my God, I can’t ground at the party because I can’t take an Epsom salt bath, or I forgot my crystal. I don’t have my hematite. Well, there are hand gestures that you can do. Mudras that help. It’s nice and easy. The other thing to be aware of is that once you’re grounded and present in your body, you’re better able to move into the space of meditation. So that’s a second M.

Now, why would we want to do that? Well, here’s a key piece of it. It’s remembering who you are. So often I kid you not. We end up picking up other people’s fears, anxiety, self doubt, and worry. Just like cold germs, these energetic germs are catching. They are a highly catching. Just think about a moment in time where maybe you were around somebody who is really angry, like traffic rush hour traffic coming home. It is hard not to pick up that frustration and anger and walk through the doors smiling, takes a great strong person. My husband’s actually very good at that. I am not. I’m working on that. I catch the energy germs easily. So that’s why I use these techniques on a daily basis. So I know they work. So meditation. And meditation is simply bringing yourself into the moment, so your mind has one thing to focus on, not a million.

And recognizing that certain thoughts, emotions, vibrations, fears, anxieties don’t belong to you. And if you’re curious about how to do that, I do have a meditation you can download. Just click on the link and that’ll bring you right to the meditation. And then the final M that I want to share with you to help you shift, because here’s the thing, once energy is an existence, it is always going to exist. So the anxiety, the worry, the fear, if that’s rattling around in you, you know, let’s say you released what didn’t belong to you, were talking on the phone with your girlfriend and you realize, Oh, that’s not my fear. That was her worry. That’s her anxiety. I’m gonna release that fear and anxiety and I am going to just, you know, realize that a small portion belonged to me. Well, what do you do with that small portion?

It’s still rattling around. You can’t think it away. You can’t talk your way out of it. You need to shift the root of it at the energetic vibration. You need to transmute it, change it into something else. And one of the best ways to do that, that I’ve found in my years and years of energy play and work is mantra. And this is an important distinguishing point. The difference between a mantra and an affirmation. Affirmations are very popular. I always think of Stuart Smalley like, gosh darn it, I’m good enough, I’m strong enough. And people like me, right? Sometimes we laugh at that. Sometimes when we say these affirmations in our native tongue, we don’t always take them seriously. And it can often be like applying a bandaid over the wound. It does help over time, but it’s a slower process and it’s like a grind.

Mantras on the other hand are often said in the Sanskrit language and Sanskrit is a language based on vibration and sound. So when you say the words in that language, it’s like going to the acupuncturist and getting that energy release or doing a whole yoga class without actually having to twist up like a pretzel. The mantra is fantastic. So there are many mantras out there that help with a variety of things. Fear, anxiety and the mantras can be helpful. So when fear, doubt, anxiety pops up, the first thing I want to invite you to do is to breathe and come into the present moment. You can use a mudra to help you with that. The second thing, once you are fully present, ask yourself how much of that junk in your space, that energy, that thought, that emotion belongs to someone else. You don’t even have to know who it is and you can use a meditation in the link above to help you with that.

And then finally you have to shift the energy that’s still left that does belong to you because, um, the best way to move the energy is to shift it and change it. Use a mantra to help with that. Okay? So you’ve definitely got a lot to chew on. Let me know where you’re watching from today, what the weather’s like by you. It’s definitely cold here. I’m looking forward to the sunny, sunny days ahead though. All right, I’ll catch you all on the flip side and make sure you grab that free meditation to help them. All right, lots of love. Bye guys. Thank you Tammy, for stopping by and for all the love. I really appreciate it and love seeing you and Renee, thank you for being here. Alright. Take it easy, you guys. Bye.

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