What to do when it feels like it’s all going downhill



Hello, Hello, and Welcome to Inklings with Irena…The Weekly Energy Show connecting you to your Intuitive Guidance System. I just want to take a moment to pause and see these beautiful sights, because there are some amazing, tall, tall mountains behind me. And there are moments in time where things seem insurmountable and it seems like it’s all going downhill.

So I’m really going downhill on this particular trail. I’ll turn around so you can kind of see. If you can tell it’s all downhill from here. Oh, and that’s cool. I know I’ve got a nice uphill walk to get back to my car when I’m done, but there’s joy to be found. And there are three steps that you can take to really make the most of these moments where it feels like they’re insurmountable tasks like that mountain behind me or those beautiful red rocks. And when everything seems like it’s going downhill, if we haven’t met yet, my name is Irena Miller. and I’m an Intuitive Energy Guide and I’ve been guiding empaths for over two decades in how to speak the language of intuition, what to do when everything feels like it’s just rolling downhill, all snowballing. First thing you want to do is gain your bearings, check out your footing, what’s on the path right in front of you.

So often we’re looking ahead towards those big mountains or those big rocks. And what ends up happening is it’s a distance away. We’re getting tired. We feel like, oh, my gosh, things are moving downhill. It’s picking up quickly. What am I going to do? How will I stop this momentum in this one direction that doesn’t feel so good. Check out the path you’re on. What kind of rocks are on the terrain? Maybe you can see some of the rocks that are on this particular pathway and take care when you see those rocks that are right in front of you, those particular obstacles, it gives you a moment to reassess because obstacles are placed in our path for a reason. Sometimes it’s to stop us because we’re on the wrong path. I ran into that a moment ago when I was on the wrong path. I ran into a fence and I had to turn around, which was a good thing because I would have gotten stuck. We can be frustrated and feel like, oh, I lost time, but no, check out what’s right in front of you. What’s on your current path? Is anything blocking you because that block is either there to help you pause and redirect you or it’s there to say, OK, this is something we need to work through. This is maybe a limiting belief or self sabotaging thought that’s stopped you in the past from getting to your goal. So that’s the first thing what is on the path? Right. So what’s in the way is the way. That’s a very famous saying, you may have heard it, if you have dropped me a little emoji in the comments below. The second thing that I encourage you to do is enjoy the view.

If we’re only just focused on the path we never look up and take in our surroundings. So, yes, we have that end goal in mind, but not necessarily just kind of looking ahead, take in the beauty that’s around you that doesn’t it mean look and see what other people are doing or how fast they’re going, how slow you’re going. But what it does mean is take some time just to enjoy the beauty that’s around you. So often, you know, we can get hung up on those obstacles. So, yes, see the obstacles, what’s in the way then take in the beauty. And then the final thing is come up with an action plan in tiny, like, bite sized segments. So for me, I’m kind of having a fun time hopping and skipping down this pathway, knowing that I will reach my destination. I’m working my way towards a beautiful energy vortex and I’m pausing. I’m saying, OK, I found this one particular obstacle that I stub my toe on. That’s my sign to slow down. Pause What am I doing? Where am I going? Take in the sights around me what beautiful things are happening because yes, I may have had a stumble or may have kind of tripped, but what maybe that was an angel, a guide saying, hey, pause, enjoy yourself. Look at this beauty around you. You don’t have to rush. You have to get there so fast, Breathe, enjoy yourself and then finally have that strategy so that, you know, you’re keeping pace. So right now, I’ve got a timer going because I do have somewhere I need to be. So I need to keep track of time. I just don’t have all day to play out here.

I have a meeting to get to, but I, airplanes are near by, can you hear that? That’s so cool. But I really encourage you enjoy yourself on the journey when things feel like it’s going downhill, when they’re insurmountable tasks, just like that big mountain.

It’s a goal you want so badly. Check out what’s in your path, what’s in the way. Right. Work with the obstacles. If an obstacle trips you up, no problem pause. Take in your surroundings, enjoy the beauty of the moment and then go back to your strategy and plan. All right. So continue this conversation with me, learn the language of intuition, why what’s in the way is the way by clicking the link above and I’ll catch you on the flip side, bye guys lots of love.

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