What is an Energetic Weather Report?


Inklings ~ What is an Energetic Weather Report?

?‍♀️Full Moons, New Moons, 1111, Mercury in Retrograde, can all provide excellent guidance when engaged with awareness. Curious about energy – let’s connect! https://m.me/irenakmiller?ref=ENGAGE

Life Happens, stars shine, planets do their dance, the moon chimes in and an Energy Weather Report is simply a way to read these signs to prepare for upcoming energy shifts.

Because it’s helpful to get a heads up when the weather is shifting – like pack an umbrella today or layer up! Wouldn’t it be nice to know that Mercury is in retrograde (and in Scorpio – this adds a whole new layer) and that it’s best to double check appointment times and flights?

It’s also an incredible time to pause and review the boundaries that are in place, “Am I in an unhealthy relationship…with a person, sleep, food…. To reassess the path and ask, “Am I still on track?”

What can an Energy Weather Report help with?

✨ The Best Time to lay the foundation for new projects

~ New Moons provide an excellent opportunity for taking some time in the dark to reflect and process what is necessary to build a successful project. And a heads up about new moons that focus on boundaries and relationships offer an opportunity to hone in on specific action tasks that accelerate the growth of a new project.

✨ When to Let Go

~ Knowing when to let go is helpful. Is it best to let go at the top of the game? Or walk away on a great mic drop line? What about creating a strong connection to gut instincts on when to double down or exit stage left? Full Moons

✨ What to Tweak

~ The mind is a powerful thing and can often override feelings. Being aware of large energetic shifts opens the door of when to check in with feelings and utilize that subtle awareness to reach out at just the right time.

Why is this helpful?

✨ Know when to take action and see positive results

~ Engage with life and step out of a victim mentality of ‘life happening’

✨ Opportunities to Release Unhealthy Patterns – Karma

~ Certain moments are extra supportive of shining a light in the shadow areas and creating a new awareness of self-sabotaging patterns.

⭐️ Ready?

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Hello, hello and welcome to Inklings with Irena, the weekly energy show connecting you to your intuitive guidance system. And today I want to talk about energetic weather reports. What the heck are they? Why are they important and where is this coming from? Well, if we haven’t met, my name is Irena Miller and I’m an intuitive energy coach and I have been guiding women for over two decades in how to read the signs and the signals that are coming at them all around and also from within. And part of an energetic weather report is an aspect, a technique, a way to tune into the signs and signals that help us follow our gut instincts that give us a heads up when something important is going to happen so that we don’t miss out or even just that little inkling or nudge that now is the time to reach out and make the call.

Ask for that raise, write that book, run that marathon. It’s nice to have these heads up. Now, this came up with one of my one-on-one clients this week because as we are in this beautiful energy right now, special events are happening. I know that she’s got some big things going on in her business. She’s trying to make decisions. She’s trying to figure out where to strengthen boundaries and really use her time so that she can be the most effective because as her business continues to grow, you know, it’s a little bit challenging to know where am I losing time? Where do I need to focus? How can I use this moment to even check in and make sure I’m on the right path? So this is where an energetic weather report comes in. What is it used for? Well, number one, you can utilize it for that moment of checking in and saying, is now the time to start a new project?

Or when do I begin laying the foundation for a new project? A lot of my clients, my one on one as well as in my group program, I bring them through very special sacred ceremonies around the new moon because the new moon is one of many different kind of energetic moments that if we’re made aware of, kind of like energy weather report, heads up, new moon coming, this is an excellent time to lay the foundation for a new project to kind of sit and let things simmer and to simply be. The other time is when to let go. You know it’s hard. Do you let go when you’re at the top of your game or maybe it’s like that mike drop. I love that scene in Seinfeld where George has his like great phrase and he’s like, that’s it. I’m out. He just walks away.

It’s hysterical because sometimes we leave a little too soon. So when is that moment to hang on? When to let go? Full moons for example, are a wonderful opportunity for taking a moment to pause, check in and say what isn’t working anymore and this is the moment to let go. So the other thing that I want to mention is tweaking, right? Because it’s not always good to throw the baby out with the bath water. It’s nice to know when to make tweaks. This energy coming up that we have on Monday, so if you’re watching this live, if you’re catching the replay, it’ll still be a benefit, But if you’re watching the live in particular, we are coming up to that wonderful November 11th date, 11-11, and you know, this could be just any other day, right? Um, or it could be utilized and made into something very, very special.

Because here’s the thing, there is a group collective energy that affects us all. Just think about that moment where you had this feeling of, Oh my gosh, you know what? Today’s a beautiful sunshiny day, perfect weather. I’m gonna go to the pool or I’m going to go to the beach. And then you realize, Oh my God, everybody else is here. Like everybody in their mother-in-laws, the phrase my dad uses, you know, why? How did everybody know to come? Now there is this energetic wave right that we all tune into, like buy a lottery ticket now, and when you can become aware of the group collective energy affecting your decisions, all of a sudden you have an insider advantage of when to move forward and when people are just kind of like little lemmings or blind sheep just going for it. And this number, 1111, the beauty about knowing that is even if you didn’t know it, you’re going to be affected somehow some way. The group collective energy will shift things.

But what if you were awake and alert and you knew that this 1111 energy coming up is an opportunity for you to really tune in to inspiration, divine inspiration and ideas. Not only an opportunity for you to tune into it, but to channel that idea and information, come up with a solid plan, a way that you want to communicate it, because good old mercury is in retrograde and it’s going to be transiting right? So this is where I kind of get into the techno babble of astrology, transiting between the sun and the earth. And what that means is that you’ll have this opportunity more so than another day, right? The energetic, it’s good weather report, that you can take this divine idea and inspiration, vocalized, communicated, express it in a new way and manifest it. Actually bring it into reality. So these energetic weather reports, I share them as a way to give a heads up, whether it’s to my one-on-one clients or to the people who are in my wonderful, fun group energy program, the wonderful, amazing, bright spirits there.

It’s a way that they can say, Hmm, is it going to be sunny today or is it going to be rainy? What should I wear? It just allows them to step out of experiencing that life is happening to them, like, Oh well life happens. It gives you the power to engage with it, to stand up and say, forget life happening to me. You know, let’s make something of this adventure. I have dreams, I have plans, I want to go somewhere. And you can utilize that energetic weather report to do so. So if this is something that lights you up, if you’re curious to know how to tune into the energetic weather report around you, I have something very special that I’m offering, a very special invitation. I’ll put it in the comments below. It’s a link and check it out. I would love, love, love to continue this conversation because when you have that extra little bit of information, it makes all the difference in the world.

You don’t feel like you’re the last to the party. You don’t feel like you left too early and miss something, you know, feel like you hung on too long. But it gives you the insider advantage of when to make a move. Hello, Amanda. Oh, thanks. Ah, it’s wonderful to have you, um, learning from me and Cindy. Hello and Lori. Hello, hello. And Amalie. So great to have you. So as you watch this, drop me a link if you’ve ever been affected by mercury in retrograde or if you’ve even heard of that term, I’d love to see a little heart to know, to know where you are. All right. Have an incredible, incredible day, and I will catch you all on the flip side. All right, so let’s continue this conversation. Click on the link above or check out the comments for an extra goodie. Bye.

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