What is an Energetic Weather Report?


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? Tuning into an energetic weather report is like getting insider information. It gives a little heads up about what’s going on all around and enables the most informed choice to be made. Energetic weather reports can come in many different modalities.

?It can be a simple nudge or inkling to call a friend, go to the store now, jump on that offer.

? Or it can be actively sought after like turning on the TV for the regular weather.

?Like a card reading. I have a client who asked me to do a card reading weather report right before she headed out on a business trip. The extra information she received from the reading saved her from a disaster both emotional, physical, and monetarily.

? Or tuning into the stars. I have another client who found out first hand the benefits of paying attention to when Mercury is in Retrograde.

? Or simply noticing the cycles of the moon. One of my clients stopped beating herself up for all those late creative nights when she realized they coincided with the full moon.

? The bottom line is that you have free will. Energetic weather reports are not being imposed upon you by some dictator. Rather they are ways to keep you the most informed about what’s going on. Just like knowing that it’s going to rain that day. There is a choice to bring an umbrella, raincoat, or just run for it. It’s up to you to decide how you will engage with what’s going on.

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