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Fall Yoga Adventure


FALL 2016

Life gets busy. You have no desire to be a yoga master, you just want someone to tell you what to do, so that you can feel better!

Well, imagine that you had three 5-10 minute yoga videos that are compact, easy, and accessible that you could implement on the go. 

Specific yoga postures that calm you, ground you, and create an ease for your back to school, holiday craziness.  

Make life easier and simply follow these 3 short yoga practices. They will teach you how to get back to your happy place! It’s all the benefits of yoga at your fingertips – strength, flexibility, focus, less stress – peace, without the stress of running out to a class! 

A Free Yoga Practice Tailored to fit the Season of Fall

You will receive 3 bite-sized Yoga Practices that will help you stay grounded, present, and peaceful.  Perfect for the kids going back to school, holidays around the corner, and life just being busy!