Tune into Your Body Language and Avoid Missing Out on Important (and possible life-changing) Information



Hello, hello, and Welcome to Inklings with Irena, the Weekly Energy Show connecting you to your Intuitive Guidance System. I want to hop on because I am in a beautiful, magical, sacred, energetic space and I want to share that energy with you because the energy that around us affects us and we move quickly in life. Life is busy and we don’t always see it at first. Sometimes it’s not until we get the knot in our shoulder, our side, your lower back, or your sciatica kicks in and we’re like, what is going on? Yes, there’s a physical component, but there’s also an energetic component. And that’s something that is very deep beneath the surface that there’s a tendency not to address. We go just to, you know, maybe the chiropractor for adjustment. We do our yoga practice. We feel better for a while, but the misalignment comes back and it’s like, why can’t I just feel better? Why can’t I do this and move on? Well, there’s an energetic component, the gate, the surface that’s affecting you and you might not know about it. So that’s what I want to talk about today

If we haven’t met yet, my name is Irena Miller. I’m an intuitive energy guide, an energy alchemist. And I have been guiding empaths for over two decades in how to notice the energy around them, how it’s affecting them, what’s their energy, what someone else’s. And I want to turn around a little bit here, hopefully not making you too dizzy and share with you this beautiful twisted tree.

Notice how twisted it is in the vortex. The vortexes where I am right now is beautiful Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona. Let’s see. But a vortex is a place where you can experience the energy. It magnifies things. It amplifies things either for going in introspection or for doing and taking action. And you see the effects of the vortex maybe in your physical body, maybe you feel a warmth in your heart, this draw or pull where you feel like you’re being just guided to the center of the vortex, maybe you feel a tingling in your hands or that warmth in your chest, maybe get creative ideas that pop into your head. Maybe you feel like you do when you walk into a church or a temple or synagogue. That sacredness like… shh be quiet… 

Those are ways that you can start to pick up on what’s happening with the energy in this place. Why is it sacred? And then notice what’s on the path, the trees being twisted. A vortex is just swirling energy like a tornado or a whirling dervish. And the trees are indicators, like the canary in the mine, of just how the twisting of the energy here, the rotating of it, the moving it can affect the outer world. So look to the outer world for signs of what’s going on on the inside. So quick little example.

You might have those moments where you’re like, oh, my gosh, you know, look at them. They’re so angry. They’re red in the face. Right. Or it might be like, oh, man, they really piss me off and then notice what happens with kidneys and other things or, you know, oh, man, they’re a pain in my butt, notice what happens to your butt, you know, I think it is some of the other things, like I just feel like they’ve got me by the neck. So we have these idioms, these phrases that we use in everyday vernacular. Watch how the physical body is actually responding to that, you know, like gut instincts, you know, like, oh, you know, they’re yellowbelly. They just don’t have courage. Yellow for the third chakra, that courage to look to the outside world to help you understand and start to translate what’s happening on the energetic surface. And then when you’re like, OK, now I know this person is draining me energetically. Every time I’m around them, my butt hurts. I get sciatica popping up, you know, I get a knot in my shoulders.

That’s your sign that something needs to shift on the energetic level. So just like the trees get twisted, we can get twisted, too. And noticing is the first thing then being able to shift that energy. And I have so many practices. I love many different sacred traditions, and as an energy alchemist, what I do is I gather from different traditions. I create, I alchemize, I bring together very particular recipes to help the specific energetic issues. And my clients, they have amazing experiences and results and that lights up my heart because I want to be able to see all beings be happy and free from suffering and to find that peace and that connection, a connection to that to the universe. So thanks for joining me. Continue the conversation. Learn more about the intuitive language by clicking the link above. All right lots of love to you guys!

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Transcription:Hello, Hello, my wonderful friends here. Welcome to Inklings with Irena,, The Weekly Energy Show connecting you to your Intuitive Guidance System. Thank you so much for joining me,...