The One Benefit Most People Miss When Mercury Goes Retrograde


Inklings – The one benefit most people miss when Mercury goes retrograde

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Hello. Hello. Welcome to Inklings with Irena, the weekly energy show connecting you to your intuitive guidance system. Today I want to talk about the one benefit that most people miss when mercury goes retrograde. If we haven’t met yet. My name is Irena Miller. I’m an intuitive energy coach and speaker and I’ve been guiding women for over 20 years in giving them a heads up and awareness of when the energetic weather shifts around them, like when mercury goes retrograde or when we’re going to have an eclipse and what to do with it, how to actually gain from that moment in time. There are benefits to these moments, especially if you know the tools and the practices to turn to in order to make the most of the moment. So we’re talking about mercury going retrograde.

In order to really get into the understanding of the benefit, It’s important to take a moment and look back a little bit at the history of mercury in retrograde, the logistics and the mythology. So the logistics of it is simply mercury is closer to the sun than we are, so it has a shorter orbit. What takes us one year in earth days to go around the sun. Those 365 days, mercury can do it in 88 days, 88 earth days. So what that essentially translates into is one trip around the sun for mercury equals four years for mercury to our one year. So because of this, there is a point in time where mercury passes us three or four times and that’s when mercury looks like it’s going retrograde. It’s just moving faster than us. So for example, if you were on the highway and there was a car in the right hand lane going slower than you, you might decide, Hmm, I’m going to kick it up a little bit and go faster.

And as you pass that car in the right hand lane, it starts to look like it’s moving backwards because you’re passing it, it’s not actually moving backwards. But what happens is you’re just moving faster than it. So it looks like it’s changed direction in the way that it’s moving across your field of vision. So it’s really about perspective. So that’s kind of the logistics. Now the mythology of mercury, the beauty is that mercury really rules the element of air, the mind clarity. And when mercury goes retrograde, it’s kind of like, Hey, I’m taking a vacation. I’m going out of the office for a few weeks. You guys will be fine on your own. I’ve been working with you for a while. You know, enjoy. I’ll be back and we can pick up where we left off in a few weeks. This is that moment in time where mercury is no longer watching over the things that it rules like communication, technology.

Um, it has to do with really things with moving parts, anything that’s connected with the element of air, so to speak. So this is why that dread hits. All of a sudden we say, Oh no, my computer crashed in mercury going retrograde. Mercury is no longer watching over kind of thing. So what you can do in those moments is you can set yourself up for success. So this is where the benefit comes in. The first aspect of the benefit is awareness. And this is what I do for my clients and my students. I give them a heads up about the energetic weather report like, Hey, Hey, mercury is getting ready to go retrograde. So make sure you’re prepared if there are any appointments that you need to make, set it before mercury goes retrograde and then double check them if there are any big purchases you need to make, do it before mercury goes retrograde, especially with technology back up your computers.

So there are the simple logistics that we can do with that. The other thing, if you’re in business, you may want to be very mindful about taking on any new clients or building new contracts. What’s better is to build into your existing relationships and nurture your current clients or go back and revisit people that have worked with you before. Mercury in retrograde is an opportunity for a wonderful moment of creating clear thinking and clear space because it gives you a chance to do all the re’s, the reviewing, the reassessing, the re organizing. And this finally gives many of us time to process and think because we’re busy, life moves fast, we keep going, going, going. So it’s nice when the universe says, Hey, I’m going to give you a helping hand. I’m going to slow things down for you for a few moments.

Let’s access the benefits of that. Now part of how I share this with my one-on-one students is the questions, right? I give them that list of, of preparation. You know, are you ready? Have you backed up your computers? Have you made those appointments and double checked? But there’s also the wonderful way that you can gain from more benefits of going within and taking that deeper look at your hopes and dreams. Are they in alignment with where you’re going? Cause you don’t want to end up at the goal or be working on a project for years and years only to discover, Oh my gosh, you know, I never took the time to rethink this and, and figure out does this still align with my heart’s desire or has something shifted? And that’s what mercury in retrograde really allows you to do. So I offer my clients specific tools they can use to make the most of the moment to stay grounded and present and to review. And sometimes that’s with specific mudras, hand gestures, or mantras or meditations. There’s many layers to this as you start to look in, and there’s a great joy that comes from gaining benefit from these moments in time. So if you are curious and you want to learn a little more, and you want to get the most out of mercury going retrograde, click on the link above. Continue the conversation with me and I’ll catch on the flip side. Thanks for joining guys. Bye.

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