✨The Hidden Impacts of Physical Clutter✨


✨The Hidden Impacts of Physical Clutter✨

?How frustrating to walk into a room and forgetting the reason why because the clutter causes a distraction

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?‍?Or starting one task like cooking dinner only to have any efforts sabotaged by the dishes, markers, and papers that are still cluttering the counter

?Or the keys are missing and the clock is ticking, late yet again….

?It’s beyond frustrating!!!

When physical lives are cluttered…

?It raises anxiety levels.

?Decisions become overwhelming because 10 things need to be done before a conclusion can be made.

?‍♀️It is nearly impossible to think straight, let alone tune in and use intuition.

➡️ Try these 3 things to help

⏰Get present – things can be a distraction from the real work that must be done.

☀️Acknowledge what’s happening – shining a light on it, takes the power out of it.

❤️Create an Energetic Shift – shed the pieces that are no longer a reflection of that inner light.

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