The constant cycle of judging whether you’re doing the right thing or the wrong thing…..


You put a lot of pressure on yourself to do it right.

And it’s exhausting.

It becomes a never-ending circle of questioning your choices and trying to find the best option in a short amount of time.

And time is a luxury that you have in segmented amounts and it’s almost as if you can hear the clock ticking. Which in turn, tunes you out of your intuition.

You know, deep down, where the momentum of life is moving you but the panic that just set in is making it almost impossible to trust it.

These moments of struggle and resistance are a sign that you need to take a deep breath and pause.


The Hurrier I go, the Behinder I get. ~ The White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland


Have you heard the story about Monet, sunning in his garden?

The sky was the bright blue that feels electric and the trees were glowing with their green. The sun was dancing its way through the leaves as the wind skirted through the branches. And there, stretched on a rough bench was Monet, straw hat over his face, soaking up the rays of the sun.

His nosy neighbor peered over the edge of the hedge, disturbing the bird song, and said, “Hey, Monet!! You resting?”

Monet replied, “No. I’m working.”

Invigorated by his time in the garden, Monet returned the next day with a creative fire!!! Easel out and paints flying, he channeled all that he had soaked up the previous “work” day on his bench.

The nosy neighbor shouted out again, “Hey, Monet! You working?”

Monet in turn said, “No. I’m resting.”


“Work” turns to rest when you relinquish the notion that it’s all up to you.



Give yourself time to soak up the Divine wisdom and guidance all around you.

Then go to “rest” the next day and bring into being all that you took in the previous day.



This song from Fia’s album, Made of Stars says it all:

“The more I struggle and fight
Trying to get it all right I push away the very thing I want
Thinking it’s all up to me
Deciding how it will be
Forgetting that I am guided by the One

So I forgive mySelf over again
Cause I am doing the best I can
And there are no mistakes
I learn every day
And the Universe is showing me the way”

~ The Art of Letting Go, Fia



This is one of my favorite ways that I used to TUNE INlose the stress, and make a decision that brings me joy and not regret.


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