You’re In!

Welcome to the tribe!  


I am so glad you joined in this 21 Day Yoga Challenge with me!  

You are creating an amazingly healthy habit for your overall well-being through simple daily steps!

This means that you’re ready to take your yoga game to the next level!  How do you take what you’ve learned in yoga classes home and weave it into your daily routine?  You can do this by taking a little step each day.  Adding something new and giving yourself the chance to digest the information.


Here are some of the perks of being a part of our awesome yogi tribe:

Inside scoop on my practice

I’ll share with you my own practice and how I manage to squeak in time to play yoga.  Sharing with you all my little tips that help me stay connected to laughter and love – even through the ups and downs of life – play time with my 2 kids (Chace and Lexi), running a business, and date nights with my wonderful hubby!

Access to the 21 Day Yoga Challenge

You are all signed up to receive 21 tips to help you shape a yoga practice in your very own home!  Life can get busy, so don’t worry if you miss some of the challenges.  Catch up when you can or take a deep breath and know that just by taking action you are making a positive shift in your life!


We’ll have a chance to connect on Facebook and Instagram and share some of our adventures with this challenge.  It’s an opportunity to lift one another’s spirits and remember not to take ourselves too seriously!


Keep your eyes on your inbox and look for the first challenge on July 1.

We’re going to have a blast!

In the meantime, check out some Yoga Videos here or a Meditation here. 

Get ready to start your practice at home!



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