“I was completely overwhelmed with the beautiful combination of yoga, thai yoga, energy work, and guided mediation, that I experienced in a session with Irena.  The combination of these modalities allowed me to gently release a huge piece of old negative energy.  By the end of the session I felt competely refreshed, balanced, and with a mental clarity I have not had in some time.  I highly recommend Irena’s work as a healer.”  – Cathy, Cincinnati, Ohio


“Irena has a great way of guiding us into a pose and through our practice. Her hands on assists are great for proper alignment. She also has an amazing way of talking me through a pose that helps me to focus and really become aware and able to make adjustments.” – Sylvia, Cincinnati, Ohio


“I had never done yoga until I injured my back in 2005. I had a herniated lumbar four disc.  After medications and physical therapy, I began practicing with Irena Miller. After my very first class I knew that this was something I needed to do. Immediately I felt more flexible and energized. Irena is very in tune to her students. Most often she asks at the beginning of class how we are and if there is a specific area that is bothering us. She tailors the class to address the needs of her students. If possible she gives hands on assists with challenging poses and with alignment so that we can get the maximum benefit from each pose for our particular body. If for some reason I don’t get to my yoga practice I notice discomfort in my back. I am an individual who is not highly motivated to study by myself. The small, personally tailored classes that I receive under the tutelage of Irena help me to keep my course strong and my back safe.  Each yoga class I attend, helps me to be more flexible, increases my balance, and strength. I feel yoga with Irena is helping me to age more gracefully, and hopefully will help me remain independent for many years.” – Mary Beth, Cincinnati, Ohio

Words that are used to describe my style of teaching are:









Just right for me.

I think she did this class just for me.



anjali mudra Irena Miller

I am filled with gratitude for all of my students and teachers along this path.  It is a true honor and joy to share yoga with you all.

 Much love, Irena.