Summer Yoga5

Day 5

Get Your Sea Legs

Strong Leg yoga flow


Have you ever heard that phrase, “get your sea legs”?  As a ship goes up and down over the waters, do you have the ability to hold on and stand your ground?  Things are constantly changing on the waters, how fast can you adapt?

Adventures mean adapting to new and surprising situations on a moment’s notice.  Yoga can help with this.



Face it, there are times when everything seems serious and important.  Pause, take a breath, and remember you have the option of responding, not just reacting.  The more you come to your sticky mat to practice, you realize that there are big emotions that wash over you just like waves.

Maybe the yoga pose is so intense, you feel angry and want to throw a yoga block.  It might be sadness that washes over you.  Or even pure joy!  On our mats, there is an opportunity to learn how to observe these thoughts, say hello to them, and let them move as they need to in the moment.  

Awareness happens.  Then choice.



It takes a lot of courage to step out into the unknown and go on an adventure.  

Yoga postures align our bodies into courageous forms and it spills over into our mindset.  



Yes!  Yoga poses will create shaking, burning, legs at times.  You’ll think you can’t go on.  Then you take a breath.  And you realize you have so much more strength in you then you ever truly acknowledged.


Grab your mat and join me for this Strong Legs Yoga Flow.  🙂

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Thank you for playing with me today!  I’ll see you on your mat!

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with love and light,