Summer Yoga2

Day 2

Clear Your Space



Do you ever feel a little crazy?  

A little like Invasion of the Body Snatchers?  Who’s body is this?  And why are my thoughts and emotions all over the map?  

It’s not just you!  It’s very possible that you picked up on other people’s thoughts and emotions.  

Remember a time when you were around someone who was frustrated and angry.  How did you feel when you walked away? Maybe you found yourself a bit irritated and short of patience.  

What about the funny people in your life?  You’re probably smiling just thinking about them.

Are you drawn to peaceful people?  How fabulous is it to be near someone who is calm, cool, and collected?  Especially as everything is hitting the fan.  Most likely you’re feeling a little more confident.

Emotions and thoughts rub off.  Sometimes we don’t realize how much they do.  So when a big emotion sweeps over us, it’s nice to question – how much of this really belongs to me?  How much belongs to someone else?  

I’ll walk you through a meditation in the video below to Clear Your Space.  

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Thank you for playing with me today!  I’ll see you on your mat!

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with love and light,