Summer Yoga Adventure!


Summer means adventures to me!  Opportunities to play outside, get my hands into the garden, hike through the woods, get on or into the water!!  Oh, the list can go on forever!

What fascinates me is how much the seasons affect me.  Whether it’s my mood, what I’m willing to eat, or how motivated I am to move my body and spirit.  

There are innate rhythms within us that, if we’re listening, will help to guide us into the right activities.  Ultimately creating harmony between our body, mind, spirit, and environment.

upward facing bow irena


What is Seasonal Yoga?

Yoga is yoga, right?  Why worry about the seasons and yoga?

Skillfully approached, yoga can help make a big positive effect on your experience of each season.  Using your energy most efficiently, getting the right amount of rest, checking off the to do lists, being productive, and all according to mindful movement in harmony with the state of your environment.

Let’s take a quick look at this mindset.


  • Hot and Humid
  • Fire
  • In Balance:  Ideas, inspiration
  • Out of Balance:  Burnout, exhaustion


  • Warm, Cool, and Crisp
  • Earth
  • In Balance:  Abundance, Prosperity, Harvest, reaping what you sow
  • Out of Balance:  Holding on too tight, fear of losing possessions


  • Cold and Dry
  • Air
  • In Balance:  Mental clarity, ability to daydream, creativity
  • Out of Balance:  Overwhelmed with thoughts, Worry, Anxiety, “head in the clouds”


  • Cool and Wet
  • Water
  • In Balance:  Empathic, intuitive, nurturing
  • Out of Balance:  Overwhelmed with emotions, lack of boundaries, taking on other people’s feelings as your own.




Yoga creates HARMONY.  It is one of the most fun ways to find your groove and get into rhythm with the seasons.  The yoga postures present you with an opportunity to be present in your body.  No more ignoring those aches and pains.  Just pushing through the moment so you can get on with your day.  

Instead, yoga brings it all to the surface and gives you the tools to process tight muscles, achy backs, a weak core, and those pesky unhelpful thoughts that seem to be on repeat.  You will release toxic thoughts and feelings, and finally find yourself at home in your body.



You can have it all, just not at the same time.  And who would want that, really?  

When your kids are infants, they wake you up in the middle of the night, you stumble around half awake.  Date nights seem to be far and few between.  Then there’s the magical moment, when your little ones are old enough to make themselves breakfast and let you sleep in a bit longer.  I’ll never forget that moment when my son helped himself to cereal and I blissfully got another few minutes in bed.  Now, he’s 14 and cooking breakfast.  No more cereal.  He’ll be driving soon and my season of shuttling him to and from events will change.  Time will be freed up.  

Balance has turned into a controversial topic.  That makes sense – balance is boring and it has the potential of being harmful.  My art teacher taught me that a long time ago.  

Look at this like harmonics.  “Your vibe attracts your tribe.”  Your thoughts and actions affect your experience of this world.  You have an opportunity to create harmony and therefore beauty.  It’s not meant to be 50/50.  More often than not, it’s 90/10 – you give 90% of the care giving to your little one, and you’re rewarded with chocolatey kisses and sticky hugs, the best kind 🙂 .  The balance seems out of whack, yet you can still experience bliss when you’re in harmony.  

Remember your 100% is going to be different every single day.  Breathe, check in with yourself every morning, tune in.



There’s so much information out there, but how do you piece it together in a meaningful way that makes a difference?  Questions come up, confusion can arise, and sometimes you can just feel plain lost.  Instead of fumbling in the dark, you just want to ask a trusted guide for a road-map and directions.

Recognizing those gut feelings and matching them up with the proper yoga practice takes a lot of time.  How fabulous is it when you can have a guide to lead you and a community to cheer you on?  Someone who has walked that road before you and has hours of trial and error put in.  A tribe who is there to lift you up when you feel like you just can’t get to your mat.  Accountability and ultimately love and acceptance of who you are.  


Let’s Do This!

  • Basic Set Up Information
  • 3 Flowing Yoga Practice Videos
    • (15-20 minutes long)
  • Meditation Practice
  • Gentle Restorative Yoga Practice 



handstand irena

lotus padmasana irena

Come on, jump in!  The water’s amazing!




She was skeptical. She didn’t really believe in any of the things that I said.

Why did Maggie, a naturally inquisitive Columbia graduate, start working with me?

She was skeptical. She didn’t really believe in any of the things that I said.

Who could blame her? She is a highly educated Journalist.

Crystals, woo, and chakras weren’t a part of her world.

She had taken yoga classes and heard of “chakras”. But she was never called to look any deeper into this playful, mysterious world. 

And she totally did not buy into the fact that crystals could solve ALL of your problems.