Summer Day1

Day 1

Core Strong


Swan dive or belly flop?  

Or the ever popular cannon ball?  I love watching people do their fancy dives.  Especially the dare devils that just go for it.  They get a gleam in their eyes and watch out!  Whether they nail a dive or not, they put everything they have into that moment.

It takes courage (and okay, maybe a little bit of crazy 😉 ) to just go for it.  Ideas and inspirations pop up, but when it’s time to jump, hesitation likes to lurk.  And hesitation can cause disasters.  Looking before you leap is good.  But stopping mid-momentum usually means they’ll be a pile up behind you.

So, what’s there to do when the nervous butterflies hit?  And you just want to climb back down the high diving board’s ladder?


In that moment:

  • collect your breath
  • visualize yourself flying through the air with the greatest of ease 🙂
  • align your attitude and body (I think I can…)
  • go for it!

cannonball irena

Because positioning your body in certain ways will affect your mindset and mood.  And vice versa, adopting a particular mindset or attitude will help change the way the body feels.  

For fun, just try standing like Superman.  Scientific studies have proven that puffing yourself up like Superman before a big talk, will indeed boost your confidence.  Imagine what yoga could do!  

To strengthen your confidence, get the job done, and be graceful while doing it – check out the video below and experience how yoga can help – no super hero cape required.  

Action Steps:

1. Grab Your Checklist here!

2. Add it to your Calendar

Add to Calendar

3. Play the video 🙂  (make sure you play along too!)

thoughts OR QUESTIONS? 


Thank you for playing with me today!  I’ll see you on your mat!

lotus padmasana beach irena

with love and light,