Summer Coaching 6



Yoga for Happy Feet

Each Step is a Blessing

Life gets busy.  Creating a tendency to run from one activity to another.  Rushing here and there.  Never a moment to pause and catch our breath.  How often do you stop and realize how much your feet are working?

There’s a beautiful meditative practice that brings awareness to the way you place your feet on the earth.  Each step becomes a blessing.  A transmission of gratitude and love.  Gratitude for your feet and the earth that supports you.  Love for the gifts that are freely given by your feet and the earth.

Catch yourself today as you run from one place to the next – can you place your feet mindfully on the earth?  Send a blessing and a prayer of thanks.  



Day 6

Length: 16 minutes

Intention:  Awareness

Focus:  Feet

Props:  A chair



A list of all the practices & Coaching Calls.


Shoulder Focus

Day 1 – Energy Boost & Stress Buster

day 2 – Perseverance & commitment

Day 3 – Open Shoulders, Open Heart


Ankles & Feet

Day 4 – Happy Feet

day 5 – Strong Ankles


Coaching with Irena

Here’s what to expect over the next 3 weeks.

  • 9 Yoga Practices (3 a week)

    • Monday and Wednesday – Bite Size Yoga Practice (5-10 minutes to introduce the big concept for the Yoga Flow.)
    • Friday – Yoga Flow (30-45 minute practice incorporating Bite Size Yoga bits)
    • You pick your days to practice.
    • There will be support and accountability in the Private Facebook Group.
    • Check – Simplicity and Discipline


  • Private Facebook Group

    • You have direct access to me and can ask your yoga questions with ease.
    • This is a secret group that only the yogis in the coaching group will have access to.
    • Practicing with a group of people makes it fun and motivating.
    • Develop life long friendships across the globe!
    • The inspiration that comes from being part of curious, open, and enthusiastic seekers.
    • Check – Accountability and Support


  • Live Online Coaching Call (once a week)

    • You will be given a link to the online meeting room.
    • You can see me and the others in the group (You have the option to block video, and mute yourself).
    • Calls will be 45-60 minutes long.
    • My goal is to record them, so if you can’t be on live, you can watch them later.
    • Intention for these calls is to ask questions and receive answers.
    • Check – Motivation and Inspiration


I’ll see you on your mat!

lotus padmasana beach irena


Let me know how it’s going!  If questions arise or if you would like more information on a topic!  I am here for you!