Summer Yoga Adventure

summer yoga adventure irena

5 Days of a FREE Yoga Adventure

without leaving the comfort of your home!


lotus padmasana beach irena

Imagine you felt …

  • good in your own skin

  • strong for that long hike

  • confident in your short shorts

  • playful & open to spontaneous events

  • rested & relaxed to fall asleep with ease.

Receive a Yoga Practice Tailored to fit the Season of Summer

reverse warrior.jpg

Summer Yoga means …

  • Warm Weather = More Flexibility

    • Hip & Heart Openers

  • Longer Days = More Energy

    • Flowing Yoga Practice

  • Firey Sun = Greater Stamina

    • Longer Holds & Building Strength

  • Trips to the Beach = Strong Core

    • Hello Boat Pose!  And Plank too!

  • Hikes in the woods = Strong & Flexible Legs

    • Standing Poses

  • School’s Out For Summer! = Playfulness

You will receive 5 e-mails with step by step details for a Summer Yoga Practice.

They’ll include:

  • Basic Set Up Information
  • 3 Flowing Yoga Practice Videos
    • (15-20 minutes long)
  • Meditation Practice
  • Gentle Restorative Yoga Practice  


Be a part of the adventure!