Strong Core

Strong Core Yoga Playshop

Learn How to Trust your Gut Instinct

And get ready for the Holidays! Here what you’ll dive into:

Yoga with Irena Strong Core Playshop
  • Tone your tummy for that oh so svelte little black number (dress) you have set aside for the next party.
  • Create a strong core (tummy and back) and reduce your risk of back pain (this is so helpful for snow shoveling season)
  • ow to trust your instincts before you jump on that Special Black Friday Deal.
  • And how to find your belly laugh – the best medicine of all to keep you healthy during the sniffle season.


The Details

Monday, 11/13/17

7:00 – 8:00 pm EST

My Private Online Zoom Room


What’s this all about?

Okay you might have heard of workshops, what’s a playshop? Just like what it sounds! You’re going to take a closer, deeper look at yoga poses that boost your confidence, help you rock that little black dress, and enable you to pick up those awesome holiday gifts without thinking twice!! And you’ll do it in a playful manner, throw that idea of ‘work’ away!


Yoga with Irena Strong Yoga Core Playshop

Is it for me?

If you find yourself saying…..

  • I don’t know much about yoga but have heard it’s good for your back.
    • YES!! Yoga is amazing for strengthening your back and core!


  • I can’t touch my toes, I’m too tight and inflexible for yoga.
    • YES!! This is why you need yoga, it will help loosen up the tight parts and strengthen the loosey goosey places.


  • I can’t imagine doing this around a bunch of other people in a crowded room.
    • YES!! This is why we meet online, where I can see you and offer you feedback. But you get to wear your yoga pants with the holes in them (no fashion show necessary), you don’t have to spend 3 hours driving to a studio, and you don’t have to worry about the yogi next to you who is secretly made of rubber and is first cousin to Gumby.


Strong Core Yoga Playshop with Irena

Why You, Irena?

With over 20 years of yoga under my belt, students know that they get a highly tailored and personalized practice from me. I can design a yoga sequence that supports you in that very moment. And you walk away knowing that you were seen and given something of great value. You don’t always get that, even in face to face workshops.

I have ‘bounced’ back from 2 wild and crazy pregnancies that left my belly (and back) in, let’s just say, an altered state. I live my yoga play to be certain!!

And who know’s why better than the people who have experienced playing yoga with me:

Irena’s content is all about working on the parts of my body that hurt. As a mom and an online entrepreneur she gets my life and knows just how to make it better. Her soothing voice and useful practices always make my day and have changed my life. I get better sleep and have better days when I follow her practices, and when I start to ache I know I need more Irena in my life.

– Dana Malstaff, CEO Boss Mom LLC


Yoga with Irena Strong Core Yoga Playshop

Okay, so how does this work?

Once you sign up, you’ll receive a zoom link from me. (If you haven’t used Zoom before, it’s very friendly. Go here to download the app to your device and then on the day of the playshop, just click the link I send you.)

During the playshop, you have the option of being seen or not (video on or off). 

I will guide you through a Yoga sequence designed to strengthen your core – your tummy and back. Together, we’ll take a look at certain yoga poses and go step by step to determine the best alignment for you.

If you can’t make the exact time and date, a replay will be sent out to those who register. The replay is available for a LIMITED TIME. You’ll have 48 hours to watch it before it goes back into the Irena vault. Yoga Club Members will receive a super secret password to gain LIFETIME access to the playshop. 


What’s my investment?


For the LIVE Online Yoga Experience and 48 hour Replay:  $37  


For Yoga Club Members and LIFETIME Access to the Replay:  $17


For less than the cost of 2 movie tickets, you’ll be feeling strong, confident, and steady!


Why do this now? And online?

If not now, then when?

There will never be a better time.

Something will always get in the way. You need to make yourself and your health a priority.

With the holidays coming, put some Yoga in the bank 🙂 Get yourself strong, confident, and svelte before the madness of cookie exchange parties and holiday office parties. Slippery leaves and ice on the sidewalk will be no match for your super yogi skills! You’ll discover that the yoga poses and all the time you spend on your sticky mat come to serve you, when you start to lose your balance. Next thing you know, you strike a yoga pose instead of the pavement. You have a better ability to shift your weight and adapt to the center of your gravity changing.

When you meet online with me, you don’t have to worry about having the latest, fashionable yoga gear. Come as you are! Fur babies are welcome! No need to pack a suitcase, buy an airline ticket, figure out where you can stay without breaking the bank, just to study with a qualified yoga teacher (like I had to do for years and years). I come to you!!! And if you forget something important like your water bottle. No big deal! Your fridge is just a few feet away!

And the best part!!

After Savasana, you really don’t have to get up and leave the studio to drive home!!

You’re already there! BOOM! 


Are you ready to join me for some fun?