Strong Core!


5 Yoga Poses for a Strong Core!

A strong and sensitive core reflects your connection to intuition, courage, and belief in self.

The word “core” can represent more than just your belly and back muscles.  It can represent core beliefs, inner knowings, maybe even courageous tendencies.

It amazes me how belly phrases have made their way into our everyday speech and it can fly by us unnoticed.  If you stop and pay attention though, you might just have a little “aha” moment. 

Have you ever heard:

  • Trust your GUT FEELINGS
  • Ooh, there go those butterflies in my tummy!  
  • Whose yellow bellied?  
  • I am GUTSY.  
  • I have FIRE in my belly (no legs made of jelly)!   
  • I love great big Belly Laughs!
  • It went BELLY UP!


Bellies often become a representation of ourselves. The way we “digest” information coming in and the way project ourselves to the world. 

I invite you on a little exploration of Yoga and Core work to discover the strength and connection you have hidden deep inside.

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Downward Facing Dog

Tip #1 – Turn in to Find Courage

We are responsible for our courage.  Someone might get us fired up, pep rally style.  But ultimately we need to figure out how to turn on our own courage from within.

strong abs tummy down dog

Blocks are great, but not necessary.  You can always get creative too and use Harry Potter books as one of my friends has done!

  1. Place blocks at medium height, or not.
  2. From downward facing dog, lift the right leg behind you, keeping hips square.

  3. Draw right knee towards nose, draw the belly in and up, and round the back.

  4. Re-extend that right leg and repeat a few more times.

  5. Switch sides 🙂

3 Legged Table

Tip #2 – Believe in Yourself

Believe in yourself and other people will too!

table strong abs tummy toner
  1. From table position, lift your right leg and left arm.

  2. Hug the thighs towards each other.

  3. Draw the sides of the waistlines up.

  4. Super important:  keep your hips square – draw the left side of the belly in and up.  

  5. Hold for a few breaths.

  6. Switch Sides.


Tip #3 – Take a Risk

Tap into that gutsy belief in yourself and take a step forward.  Let go of the fear that creeps up when you jump for something new.  Instead connect to faith, hope, and LOVE.

plank strong abs tummy toner
  1. From plank pose – arms strong, upper back soft.

  2. Lift your right foot off the floor a few inches.

  3. Like 3 legged table, hug the thighs towards each other and draw the lower belly in and up.

  4. Maybe spider walk the left hand forward a few inches.

  5. Hug those thighs towards each other, and maybe, just maybe lift the left arm off the floor!

  6. Hold for a mega-second 🙂 or more.

  7. Switch sides!

Forearm Side Plank

Tip #4 – Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Belly laughs are recommended at least once a day!

forearm side plank strong abs tummy toner
  1. On your right side, forearm parallel to the top of the mat.
  2. Super important you want your right arm to form a right angle to the right side of the torso.  Notice that when I lift up into the pose, my elbow is a little in front of my shoulder.

  3. With the left hand on the ground, inline with your tummy.  Lean into that left hand and maybe use it to help lift your hips up away from the floor.

  4. Squeeze those thighs towards each other and lift that bottom hip up.

  5. Maybe left hand on hip, maybe towards sky!!!!

  6. And wow you might be on fire now, so why not try to lift that top leg up a few inches!!!

  7. Smile!

  8. Switch sides!

Side Plank

Tip #5 – Be Playful!

Smiling will naturally help your belly feel better!

side plank strong abs tummy toner
  1. From Downward Facing Dog, pivot onto your right foot and place your left foot flat on the floor in line with your right thigh.

  2. Super important:  Notice how my right hand is a little in front of my right shoulder.

  3. Push down through that left foot, right hand, and outer edge of the right foot.

  4. Lift those hips up and extend your top arm to the sky.

  5. Maybe stack your left foot onto your right.

  6. If you are just feeling wild and playful, lift that top leg off the bottom!!

  7. Breathe!

  8. Switch sides.

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