Spring Yoga 7

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Mantras & Crystals


Mantras are wonderful for shifting the energy around and within you.

This is one of my favorite mantras for clearing obstacles.


om gum ganapatayei namaha

mantras and malas with irena miller www.irenamiller.com


Sometimes I’ll just say the mantra a handful of times when I’m running behind and inevitably get stuck behind that slow car and hit every red light. This mantra helps clear a path for me to arrive quickly and safely to my destination. Then I don’t have to stress.

I’ll also use this for the big things in life. When I was in the process of buying the house I live in now I ran into all sorts of obstacles. A million things would pop up, I would say this mantra, and let go of my attachment to the outcome. I was asking for Divine help and I knew it was my job to step back and trust that my prayers were going to be answered. 

Other times I will use my mala beads in the picture above to help me say the mantra 108 times.

Why 108 times?

It is considered and auspicious and sacred number.

It represents us an individual (1), the space in between (0), the whole infinite universe (8).

Then there is the distance between Earth and the Sun. You can fill that gap with 108 Suns. 

And the distance between the Earth and the Moon. You can fill that gap with 108 Moons.



Hematite is a wonderful crystal that you can use to ground and protect yourself from picking up other people’s vibes. Good, bad, or otherwise. Having other people’s stuff in our space is draining. And it happens all the time. So just like taking a shower, it is beneficial to practice ‘energetic hygiene’ and clear your space of energies that don’t belong to you. And call your spirit home!

Hematite can help with this.

I will have stone like the one pictured above in my hand (or you can buy jewelry easily with hematite – rings, bracelets, etc.), I will imagine roots growing from my feet down into the earth, anchoring me. And then I will visualize a beautiful silvery, bubble that forms around me. Just like the color of the hematite.

Et Voila!

I can be fully present, hold space for those around me, and not pick up on their stories as my own!

I have really enjoyed getting crystals from Hello Luna. They have a wonderful Etsy shop.


Talk to me

Is there a crystal/stone you love to wear? Maybe an amethyst? Or ruby? Or emerald?

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Come play with me!



  • Lose the obstacles and ditch the unhelpful vibes!



  • 1-5 minutes



  • nothing for the mantra, just you! And the hematite!



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