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Lighter, brighter, and energized with the 5-day Spring Yoga Challenge. www.irenamiller.com/spring-yoga

Welcome to the Spring Yoga Adventure!!! 


You are embarking on one of the greatest gifts you could ever give to yourself and your loved ones!


your greatest wealth is health!!!

spring yoga adventure with irena miller www.irenamiller.com


In this 5 Day Journey

you will be exploring the ways you can

ditch the heaviness of winter,

the overwhelm,

and the run down feeling that stops you in your tracks.


Get ready to feel energized,


and motivated

to reach for your heart’s biggest desires!


Think of this page as your

Table of Contents


Day 1 – Root to Rise

Day 2 – Room to Breathe

Day 3 – Build the Fire

Day 4 – Slow Down to Energize

Day 5 – Time to Fly

Mantras & Crystals

Green Juice Recipe


Talk to me

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I’ll see you on your mat!

Thanks for playing with me!

Detox with Yoga Twists. www.irenamiller.com/spring-yoga

love and light,

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