Spring Yoga 5 Time to Fly

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Day 5 – Time to Fly

“Everything in moderation”…this phrase drives me bonkers. How ’bout you? Life is filled with all sorts of amazing experiences and food! (Yes, I’m talking about chocolate.) You mean, I need to exercise moderation? Put the breaks on and practice self awareness and discipline?



Because when you do things in excess they lose their sweetness. Think about your favorite foods and how nothing compares to that first bite. According to Jean Kristeller, PhD, “Our taste buds are chemical sensors that tire quickly. The first few bites of a food taste better than the next few bites, and after a large amount, we may have very little taste experience left at all.”

There is freedom to be found in creating strategies that help you stay in harmony. 

Twisting poses help. They stimulate digestion and get your system turned on. No more sluggish feeling or low energy. No more making reactionary choices. Instead you are alert and aware and recognize that being mindful when you engage with life will bring a greater satisfaction. Really enjoy that first bite of a juicy mango, rather than rushing around as you eat, and you will experience more delight and happy memories.

For today, think twice before you jump into something. When you make your move, do so with full presence, no distractions. Keep yesterday’s challenge in mind – you get, what you give. So if you’re not paying attention or you’re trying too hard things will fall apart. It’s a play between effort and surrender.

You must set the foundation of your pose – place the hands shoulder distance, creases of the wrist parallel to the top of your mat, root through the 4 corners of your hands. Then you have to surrender – soften between the shoulder blades, turn the corners of your mouth up, and shift your head and heart forward so your bottom becomes light as a feather! (It is possible!)

When the time comes to balance on your hands, remember there’s no benefit in pushing to excess and forcing yourself into the pose. Take it one step at a time and enjoy the sweetness of each moment. There’s no rush.


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  • Engage Your Tummy and Get Ready to Fly!


  • 14 minutes


  • A block or 2 are nice 🙂 (But you can always improvise with a book or skip the extra height all together.)


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