Spring Yoga 3 Build the Fire

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Day 3 – Build the Fire & Transformation

It’s getting hot in here! Today the practice heats up! Anytime you wish to see change in your life – lose the weight, gain more energy, be more organized, you have to be willing to let something go. Maybe it’s a habit or a thought that no longer supports the life you want to live. Or maybe it’s a physical item like going through your closet and passing along the clothes that no longer bless your life but could very much bless another’s. Ultimately, heating things up is a fabulous way to clear space and make room for the new.

Think of it like an alchemical process. You’re trying to turn your love of chocolate into gold. That could look like, eating chocolate with more mindfulness and presence. Or letting it go completely so those extra chocolate pounds melt away. 🙂 



Pause for a moment and remember a time in your own life where things heated up. You may have been uncomfortable and stressed. Yet the heat caused a reaction in you to move, to change something. Whenever the time has come for growth, there will be a discomfort. Shedding pounds or thoughts is not for the faint of heart. This takes courage and perseverance. But it’s worth it! Just look at all the delight that comes from before and after photos!

Remember, stress is not a bad thing in and of itself. It can make us stronger if it’s proportionate to our current state of being. For instance, when you lift weights, you put your muscles under a certain amount of stress. As long as the weight is not too heavy, you will build strength. If you’re lifting too heavy, too often, and with bad form, you will go into distress and possibly injury. The point is to pay attention. If you can’t take an even, steady breath, you’ve gone too far. Step back and reassess. 


What to Do

  1. Get your body moving with the Spring Yoga Twist Practice #3 below.
  2. For courage and perseverance check out this yoga mudra (hand gesture) here.
  3. To help give more meaning to your intentions check out this fire or burning bowl ceremony here.


Talk to me

What are you going to throw into the fire? Join the conversation in our facebook group here and find out what mine is!


Come play with me!


  • Turn up the heat and make room for the new.


  • 15 minutes


  • A block or 2 are nice 🙂 (But you can always improvise with a book or skip the extra height all together.)


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I’ll see you on your mat!

Thanks for playing with me!

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