Sparkler’s Playbook

Welcome, Sparklers!

yoga to get things done

As an entrepreneur, you have many things going on at once and you don’t have time for sore shoulders, an achy back, or foggy brain.  In about 10 minutes you can fill your well, release those aches, and get back on top of your game. Choose one or many based on what you need most in this moment.

Melt the knots in your shoulders


energy booster

When you need a quick energy boost to help you get through the home stretch and finish your project!

Length:  4:08 minutes


Say Adios to that pain in the neck


open the shoulders

You do a lot of business on your phone, take some time to release the tension in your neck and say goodbye to “text neck”.

Length:  10:33 minutes


Sitting for too long?


Hip openers to get your blood pumping

When you lose track of time and realize that you’ve been at your laptop for 3 hours without even standing up and your legs are falling asleep!

Length:  10:41 minutes


For those long days…


Achy lower back?

The stress of #doingallthethings can cause a lot of lower back tension. Here’s a simple practice to alleviate the backaches.

Length:  9:19 minutes


Recovery from high heels

…(and long networking events)

Your feet do a lot of work for you! Give them some love and release the stress, you didn’t even know was hiding, in those feet!

Length:  11:24 minutes




When you stay up late to finish that project!

and coffee is no longer working! This is the yogi’s version of a power nap!

Length:  9:57


Trouble Making a Decision?


Take 10 deep breaths…..FOR CLARITY

Remember when your mom told you to do this? Before you react to the situation, tune into your breath and respond.

This is for when the noise all around you of what you should be doing, could have been doing, would’ve done, but missed doing, gets too loud………take a few deep breaths and find clarity.

Length:  7:56 minutes


Make Decisions out of Love, Not Fear

Meditation – Journey to the Heart.

When you’re centered in your heart space you’ll hear your intuition with more clarity. And then you’ll become more confident in the choices you make!

Length:  8:20


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