Smudging Masterclass

Smudging and Burning Bowl Masterclass!



No more staying stuck!

Move forward with Confidence!


Does this sound like you?

You’re ready to release the things that have been holding you back! (thoughts, emotions, material items)

You are ready for a prosperous and abundant year!

You want to lose the chaos and clear the path for your passion projects!




What if you had a way….

To lose the blues and refresh yourself?

To clear the air – literally and figuratively?

So you could breathe easier while you put together your plans for the next quarter.

Allow me to introduce you to the amazing Burning Bowl Ceremony and Smudging!




No need to pack your bags, book a hotel, and drop a large amount of cash to learn these special Yoga moves that are usually reserved for long teacher training weekends.

You can do this Masterclass at your own leisure! No need to be in class “on time”.  Your fur babies and kids can join in the fun too! 

No need to worry about the latest yoga fashion! You can wear those yoga pants with the big hole and chocolate stain! 

I share all the best tips that I’ve curated from thousands of workshops over 20 years of Yoga Study!! Just with you in this Masterclass!!!

yoga with irena

Together we’ll dive deep into the power of yoga to shift your life!


~ You’ll learn ancient and modern time tested techniques. ~

~ Discover exactly how burning sage transforms your environment. ~

~ Which crystals help you clear the bad vibes. ~

~ Yoga hand gestures for courage. ~

~ Mantras for letting go. ~

~ Ready? ~


What can I expect from this Masterclass?

Release the Negative Vibes

Masterclass on Burning Bowl and Smudging

Time:  62 minutes

Props:  Fireproof bowl, lighter, bundled dried sage


Can’t seem to shake the bad vibes that are hanging around? Anxiety creeping up on you? Emotions overtaking you at the sneakiest of times?

Then you want to try this time tested and very special practice. I go into all the details behind why it works and how to do it.

burning bowl ceremony with irena miller

What is a Burning Bowl?

The Burning Bowl ceremony is an opportunity for you to write down all of the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and ‘things’ that you are ready to release so that you can make room for the new. The idea is that your prayers are carried up on the smoke to be heard by the Universe.

What is Smudging?

Smudging releases stuck energies and low vibrations. Using a bundle of herbs (traditionally sage), you light them just enough to create a wonderful smoke to ultimately clear your space. It is an ancient practice that is used to mark moments of transition (starting a new job, the birth of a little one, moving into a new house) or to let go of unwanted energies (when you bring an antique into your home or receive a hand-me-down coat).


Why do this?

There is real benefit from taking meaningful and purposeful actions. 

Think of your power suit that you wear when you want to feel confident. Or the lucky pen you would use for exams. Or maybe as a child you wore your underwear inside out to bring on a snow day :)…..or maybe that was just me………

Maybe you’ve even heard of Serena Williams wearing the same lucky socks (and never washing them) when she’s on a winning streak.

These actions take on importance because of the love and attention you put into it.

It becomes an outward sign, something tangible, to help you process the intangible.



For the Burning Bowl Ceremony

  • Bring a pen.
  • A fire proof bowl.
  • A lighter.
  • Make sure you’re in a super safe space, either outside or well ventilated. Please be extremely careful. If you have a fireplace, you can make a fire in there.


For the Smudging


For about the cost of 2 movie tickets (with no popcorn! agh! the horror)

Discover a way to release the old negative junk and bring in the abundance!


Why study with you, Irena?

Here’s what my students are saying:


Irena is what everyone needs in an energy guide and healer. She has a true gift for connecting with your cosmic energies and communicating with the guides and guardians around you.

She is also what everyone wants in a guide and healer. Her deep knowledge and insights are always delivered with grace and kindness. Her energy work unblocks obstacles and clears pathways so you can make the most of your life.  

~ David Rippe


yoga with irena

yoga with irena

yoga with irena