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What:  Wine and Woo – Readings with Irena

Who:  Marvelous You, A Few Adventurous Online Friends, and Me 🙂 

Where:  Zoom (you will receive the link after signing up)

When:  Monday, 10/30/17 at 8:30-9:30 pm EST. 

Why:  It’s almost Halloween, let’s have some fun!

Take note:  A replay will be available and sent to you via e-mail.

So no worries if you can’t make the event or you don’t want to take notes. It will be sent to you!

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Here’s what to expect

We’ll meet in Zoom.

If you’ve never used it before it’s very easy to use. Simply, download the app to your computer/tablet/phone from here. Then use the link I send you to enter into the meeting on Monday night.

You have the option of being seen or turning off your video. I’ll answer all the submitted questions and then you’ll have the opportunity to ask for clarity on your question if necessary within our meeting time.

When you sign up, please know that you are agreeing to my Terms and Conditions.


A few things to know….


My readings do not predict the future.  They offer you a glimpse of the energies that surround a situation.  We have free will and ultimately create our destiny through our actions and choices.  A reading is like receiving a weather forecast.  For example, if the meteorologist tells you there will be rain, you have the choice to bring an umbrella and stay dry.  Or forgo the umbrella and get wet.  It’s up to us what we do with the information received.

After I receive your question I will review it to ensure it is in line with my code of ethics (see below).  If the question needs to be rephrased I will consult with you.  If we cannot agree on a question I will offer you a refund.  I retain the right to refuse to do a reading on particular topics like, certain health or legal matters.  

I will do a one card reading for you in Zoom on 10/30/17 at 8:30 pm EST. If you need clarification on the card that was drawn, you can ask for guidance.  If you have additional questions that were not a part of the original request or wish to have additional cards drawn, you will be invited to purchase another reading.  Please note that readings are only done for those 18 and older.


My Code of Ethics

  • I will strive at all times to offer you the best advice of which I am capable.
  • I recommend you seek competent medical or psychological assistance from a healthcare professional if you have any disease, illness, or disorder.
  • I recommend you seek competent financial assistance from a banker, broker, or financial consultant before you make any financial transactions.
  • I recommend you seek competent legal assistance from a qualified attorney-at-law if you have any legal problems.
  • I will provide guidance and insight in your Yoga class, Energy session, or Tarot reading, but you have the free will to choose whether you will follow this guidance or not. You are therefore responsible for your actions following your session with me.
  • My intention is to offer inspiration, encouragement, give hope, and identify options for future behavior.
  • Your Yoga session, Workshop, Retreat, Energy session, or Tarot reading is a complete service in itself. You are not required to purchase anything else.