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Airport Yoga

  • No mat, shoes on, all standing poses!!
  • Release pains in the neck, stiff shoulders, and achy hips.


Neck and Shoulders Tight, Aching, and Painful?

Try this yoga play with a belt.


Legs tight, lower back yelling, and feeling run down?

Do this when:

  • After a long bike ride or hike
  • If you’ve been sitting for too long
  • legs feeling tight and tense
  • lower back aching


wake up tired? try this…

Do this when:

  • You feel like you’ve been slouching and need a boost of energy.


Shoulders sore? short on time?

do this when:

  • carrying the bags has gotten the best of you
  • you feel asleep at a weird angle
  • the stress of being on the road settles in-between your shoulders
  • you need a quick energy boost
  • you feel like one big knot


recover from jet lag

do this when:

  • Time Zone changes are getting the best of you
  • Your legs are achy.
  • You’re super fatigued.
  • You’ve stood all day.
  • Long trips.
  • Can’t sleep at night.


Yoga for the plane ride (audio)

Yoga Nidra (Deep Guided Relaxation)

(Great for when you haven’t slept well and are exhausted. You could listen to this on the plane.)

Go here for video and details.


Direct Line to Irena

If questions, thoughts, or comments arise during your practice.  Simply share them here.  Easy Peasy!