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Tarot Reading

Sometimes we’re looking for just a little more information as we try to make an informed decision.  When a crossroads is reached. Which direction is best for my career? Would it be most beneficial to launch a new program now or later? What’s the upside of attending this conference? Or maybe it’s simply a curiosity about whether we should go to the beach or the mountains.

A tarot reading is a great option to aid in your decision making.

Tarot is not about predicting the future but rather giving you extra input about the energies that surround certain circumstances.  For example, you can think of a reading like a weather forecast.  If the meteorologist informs you that there will be rain, you have the free will to take an umbrella and stay dry or forgo the umbrella and get wet.  It’s up to us what we do with the information received.  Our future is shaped by the choices we make.

This Tarot Reading Session is perfect for one question and no more – giving you a quick and to the point response.  I will tune into your energy, asking God for Divine Guidance, and draw 5 cards.  This is a recorded video reading that I will email to you.

Turn around time for readings is 5 business days. The reading is typically 20-minutes long but can vary slightly.

To request a Tarot reading with me, you will be asked to pay via the form below and submit your request in the e-mail form provided.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail from me within 48 hours after I receive your request and let you know when you can expect your recorded reading.

I will review your question ensuring that it is in line with my code of ethics.  If the question needs to be rephrased I will consult with you.  If we cannot agree on a question I will offer you a refund.  I retain the right to refuse to do a reading on particular topics like, certain health or legal matters.  

I use a 5 card spread and will send the reading to you in a pdf form along with a video recording of the cards drawn.  Your reading will be e-mailed back to the e-mail submitted in the request form.  If you need clarification on any of the cards that were drawn you can ask for guidance.  If you have additional questions that were not a part of the original request or wish to have additional cards drawn, you will be invited to purchase another Tarot reading.  Please note that readings are only done for those 18 and older.

By requesting a reading with me, you agree to the terms outlined here.

Total Value $200

Today’s Price $97 => $47

“I was completely overwhelmed with the beautiful combination of yoga, thai yoga, energy work, and guided mediation, that I experienced in a session with Irena.  The combination of these modalities allowed me to gently release a huge piece of old negative energy.  By the end of the session I felt competely refreshed, balanced, and with a mental clarity I have not had in some time.  I highly recommend Irena’s work as a healer.”  – Cathy, Cincinnati, Ohio

Exciting messages from my clients after a reading with me!

After a session and reading with Irena Miller

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