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Your answer will be as clear as your question. So taking the time to really get to the bottom of what you’re asking is important. Remember to ask questions that will help you in your decision making. Don’t look to the reading to make the decision for you. You are the one in charge of your path. 

Here are some examples of what will help you get to the answer you’re looking for.

Type of Questions to Avoid:

Yes or No questions are not served best with card readingsThey can be done, but there are other methodologies that suit this type of question better.

Predicting the Future is dis-empoweringI believe that we all have free will. Card readings are an opportunity for you to get extra insight into the energies that surround a situation. Just like turning on the weather channel to find out if it’s rainy or sunny out. The weather is not happening to you. You are engaging with the weather. Don’t want to get wet, make sure you bring an umbrella on that rainy day! Don’t want to deal with snow? Head to the beach instead. It’s just the weather. You get to decide how you want to deal with the experience.


Avoid other people questions, like, “Does he love me?” “Who will I marry?” “What will they do?” Again we have free will. It’s not up to us to determine what someone else will or won’t do. Or whether they will marry or not.

Avoid questions that start with “Will”, “When”, “Should”


Types of Questions to Ask:

Open Ended Questions like:

How can I create a positive experience for my clients?

What is blocking me from finding the job of my dreams? 

What can I do to attract the right partner for me?

Why am I sabotaging my opportunity to grow?

Use questions that start with “How”, “What”, “Why”


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