A Playful Energy-Saving Tip to Protect Your Sensitive Heart

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Want A Playful Energy-Saving Tip that can Help You Protect your Intuitive Heart?

Hello! Hello! Want a playful energy saving tip that will protect that intuitive heart of yours?

Oh my goodness. Hello and welcome to the Inklings Show with Irena. That’s me!!

And if we haven’t met yet I and my Irena Miller and I help time strapped adventurers tune into their unseen resources so that they can live a more joyful and playful life. Thank you for joining me. So are our heart.

At times you might just find yourself super sensitive. You might find that commercials are making you cry. Maybe your partner or spouse looks at you in a funny way and next thing you know your heart feels broken

You’re out running around and you just find that you’re taking everything personally – the person who cuts you off. They don’t hold open the door they let it slam in your face.

Oh my goodness gracious.

Some days we’re just a little more sensitive and on those particular days there’s a way to protect that sensitive, intuitive heart. Because we’re picking up on the energy and vibrations all around us. As we’re picking up on those energies and vibrations we’re bringing it into our space.

Then we have these energy centers within our body. Maybe you’ve heard of Chakras. These are your energy centers that receive the energetic information, they process it, digest it a little bit, And then figure out what does this mean to me? How does it fit with my life experience? And then we also transmit energy back out from these centers.

Do you ever have those super sensitive days?

Maybe it’s just me …  but I know that there are people out there who who are like me.  Who have those days where oh my gosh you just you bump your toe and it feels like the world is falling apart. I sliced my thumb this morning but it’s OK.

What can you do?

Well, you can tune into your own energetic frequencies and say all right, if I have these energy centers within my body how can I utilize that to protect and to tune into the energy and the information coming my way?

What can I do?

Well you want to tune into the different energy centers that run through the very central column of your body. We’re just going to focus on the seven basic ones right now.  There’s many more than that though.

For example, if you want to feel safe, you want to feel protected, grounded, and present, that’s going to deal with the First Energy Center.

What can you do to tap into that particular energy center in your body and really feel strong and steady so that when these things happen in life you don’t feel so sensitive to them. You don’t feel like you want to break down in tears.

What you can do in this particular case is really work with your root chakra.

This is the Energy Center that’s located in the bottom of the pelvic floor.

This is the energy center that’s going to create a feeling of safety like you’re not being chased after by the saber tooth tiger or that someone’s energy and thoughts aren’t just whacking and hitting you.

What you can do for this (and this is where it comes into great help if you know where your natural intuitive abilities lie). We all have that natural intuition that sixth sense but sometimes you might find that it’s easier for you to see things, to visualize, and to imagine. Maybe you just have an image you pop into your head when someone’s talking or maybe you find that you just have a gut knowing like you know this to be the truth or maybe lyrics to songs pop in your head.

There’s a variety of ways we can tune into this energy and information.

Today I’m going to share with you the playful tip to protect your sensitive heart by activating your root chakra. That energy center in the bottom of the pelvic floor that really goes into a grounded protective mode in the sense that you’re just aware of your surroundings, you’re aware of the fact that you might feel sensitive, you don’t want to pick up on everybody else’s energy.

You’re going to really strengthen the root chakra.

How can you do this?

Well you can get very very fashionable and for my visual friends out there.

This will really help –  the color red!!!!

I specifically put my red Christmas socks on!

If you were to wear red socks or polish your toenails red or even wear red clothes what that’s going to do is it’s going to serve as as visual reminder to you to set your energetic frequency, your vibration to that color of red, which corresponds with the root chakra.

Now an extra bonus tip for my friends out there who are more auditory and who tend to really tune into energy through listening – You can use music!!! And in particular you can use the C major scale and arpeggios. Because the C major scale corresponds to the root chakra.  Each of the seven main chakras correspond to one of the 7 notes from the musical alphabet. From middle C all the way up to B!!

Let’s do something playful!!!

I’m going to go ahead and play C major arpeggios for my friends who want to sing along. This is honor of my amazing mom who was a musician and an incredible incredible singer. I didn’t get her gift as far as singing goes. But here goes!! Let’s be playful!!!

The C major arpeggio!! We’re going to do, say ‘ha’, using the diaphragm and you might feel like a little doggy. Let’s go. Ha Ha . Ha Ha Ha Ha

Is it silly!!

Oh my goodness!! If you had fun with this let me know.

Please share it with a friend if you found it helpful to you as well.

Wear some red today to feel a little more grounded, a little more protected. Whether it’s on your feet, or a shirt, or maybe singing a C major arpeggio and enjoy yourself!!

Life is meant to be playful and fun and what you’re doing is you’re developing your ability to have a dialogue with your unseen resources.

Maybe it’s through color because you’re a visual person. Maybe it’s through sound because you tend to really pick up on your intuitive abilities through that sound. Or maybe it’s other ways. But that’s why I’m here to introduce you to a variety of techniques tools and tips to help make your intuitive adventure more playful and fun.

I will catch you on the flip side!!!

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