😈Lose the Inner Mean Girl And Start Manifesting the Positive😍

How often before you begin a task do you declare it impossible?

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😭 That inner mean girl starts running their mouth a million miles a minute. Dredging up every past of failure and why it simple couldn’t work.

🤷‍♀️How can inner guidance possible get through all that racket?

❤️This meditation will help!! Start at the foundation…


➡️ Just like the electrical outlets, being grounded is an important and vital piece to avoid getting whacked energetically by bad thoughts.

⚖️ How much of this belongs to someone else?

➡️ It is sooooo easy to pick up on other people’s worries and fears and think that they belong to us. Most likely you have a matching thought that is amplified by these free floating energies.

🎈 Get Clear + Let that Stuff Go!

➡️ Once you gain clarity and realize what doesn’t belong to you, release it to the heavens above! Then refill yourself back up and feel your hope bubbling like a bright spring within you!!!

🚫 No more, 👍HITCHHIKING👍 emotions and energies 🌟

🎶 Tune in today and learn the MEDITATION that will DITCH the Inner MEAN Girl and get you re-connected to a POSITIVE VIBE!

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