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The 3 A’s that Improve Your Sleep

Season 1, Ep. 12

✨?The 3 A’s that Improve Your Sleep?✨

? What to do when waking up at 3 am is no longer fun

?️ The 3 A’s that will IMPROVE your SLEEP! ?

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? No more PUSHING THROUGH to get it ALL done.

? No more SHOULDING all OVER.

? No more wondering, “How did I get HERE?”

⚠️ Do Not Hit the Pillow without Doing Them ?

? How many times has ANXIETY or WORRY disturbed your SLEEP?

? Consulting thousands over the years to use their INTUITIVE GIFTS within I saw old energetic habits throwing up blocks…

The 3 A’s will DISSOLVE one of them and I will be SHARING it today in this Live.

There are many layers to Energy Work/Play — it reminds me of doing the laundry at times — yet each time you show up and do the practice the energy shifts.

#swaha ✨

There are 3 A’s that I teach Women when we work together and once they WEAVE it into their day IT CHANGES EVERYTHING.




Join the fun and let me know if the 3 A’s ease your sleep.


✨There are MIRACLES in the SMALL MOMENTS everyday! They can SHIFT your ENERGY and LIFE for the BETTER!

?Today I share just ONE.

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How Can You See What You Can’t See?

Season 1, Ep. 11

✨?How Can You See What You Can’t See? ?✨

? When we don’t know because we just don’t know…hmmm…

?️‍♀️ This is the Story that will Remind You! ?

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? No more LEAPING before LOOKING

? No more PROMISING without CHECKING IN.

☀️ LIGHT up the MOMENT

So that when…

⚡️ Inspiration Strikes

You can …

? Flow with EASE

This is one of the many stories that I LOVE to share with my clients to remind them of their unlimited possibilities! 

? Pull up a chair, grab your favorite drink, and sit by the imaginary campfire with me!


?The Key is AWARENESS and having the RIGHT Energy Exercises in your Toolbox!

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What to do Instead of Taking things Personally…

Season 1, Ep. 8

✨What to do Instead of Taking things Personally…✨

3 Action Steps to do RIGHT NOW!

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? Generous, compassionate, big-hearted people have often be told, “Don’t take it so personally. Develop a thick skin.” When I hear this, my ears translate it into, “Why care? They’re not doing anything to you.”

And yet, I FEEL it.

It DOES FEEL like something is happening to me.

?‍♀️So what’s going on?

? What if there was another way? 

❤️To offer love and support.


? without the BAD FEELINGS. ?

? Tune in today and learn the 3 Action Steps that will help LOVE and COMPASSION fill the moment without the need to harden your skin or heart.

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