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Yoga with Irena

Group Classes

the Live experience of yoga in your own home! Yoga Club with Irena Miller.

Virtual Yoga Club – Online


The LIVE Experience of Yoga without leaving your home!!

Throw that load of laundry in, stay in your jammies, and save those extra hours for snuggle time with your loved ones, rather than driving to class.

LIVE Yoga Classes Twice a Week for 30 minutes each.

Instantaneous feedback from a Certified Yoga Teacher with over 20 years of experience.



Specific yoga pose sequencing to release the knots in the shoulders, strengthen your core, and each month has a set intention that will help get you into the rhythm of the season.

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    Monthly Membership:  $47/month


    • 8-10 LIVE Yoga Classes a month – Seasonally Based Yoga 
    • Access to your own personal Certified Yoga Teacher
    • Replays
    • Masterclasses
    • Demos
    • Private Community for extra support

    The LIVE Experience of a yoga class online! Yoga Club with Irena Miller


    Local Cincinnati Classes – In Person

    Small group yoga classes (3-6 people)

    Drop In:  $20

    4 Class Package*:  $60 ($15/class)

    * Must use the 4 class package within 60 days of purchase.


    Private Yoga Or Energy, One : One Sessions

    Online or In Person


    Maybe you’re brand new to yoga and just don’t understand what the heck is going on!  What’s the name of that pose?  Where is my foot supposed to be?  Am I even doing this right?

    Maybe you’ve tried yoga at home and it just isn’t working. You feel lost and you need some guidance.

    Maybe you’ve been to a few classes and feel comfortable with the basic poses and have a burning desire to “get into a particular pose“.  How could that happen?  What do I have to open or strengthen to accomplish this yoga pose?

    Find out more here.

    The Online Private Yoga Sessions take place in Zoom at a mutually agreed upon time and frequency.

    One Session:

    • $120/60 minutes
    • $60/30 minutes

    Recurring Weekly Session: 

    • $97/once a week for 60 minutes
    • $47/once a week for 30 minutes



    Yoga for Back Pain – $67


    Yoga for Core Strength & Open Hips

    A masterclass to guide you into Crane and Crow pose – coming soon.

    Yoga for the Office

    Coming Soon