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One:One Yoga

photo credit:  Taylor Barker

photo credit:  Taylor Barker

Just one more minute…you might think as you sit there at your laptop. You just want to wrap up this one e-mail. Connect with a client. Put the final touches on that Sales Page. Map out your launch sequence. Finish your nurture e-mails……and ouch, there’s that pain in your neck again. The one that radiates from the back of your head, down to your shoulder blade. 

Now you just can’t think straight. Everything is taking twice as long. You don’t have time for this. 


What if you had your own personal yoga guru?


One who could show you exactly the right yoga pose to alleviate that pain in the neck? To equip you with a set of yoga poses that help you gain clarity and ultimately focus on the e-mails you need to write?

What about when you’re on the road and jet lag hits? You need to be on your ‘A’ game to talk with potential clients and collaborators but your back is aching. What to do?



Working with you, I will create a yoga class just for you! I’m here to see that your shoulder is aching and your stress level is soaring. And I’m here to show you to alleviate that discomfort through yoga.

You’re a go-getter who enjoys developing skill sets that help you achieve great things! I’m here to offer you the yoga poses that will bring a smile to your face and the joy of accomplishing a challenging pose! 


What to expect…

In our yoga class together, I will help you define your desired outcome, create the yoga sequencing, and explore alternative options to certain poses.

We will meet in Zoom to play yoga, on a mutually agreed day and time. Prepare for a 30-45 minute yoga class. We will do a quick catch up to find out what you need most from our time together. Then I will create a sequence of yoga poses just for you, offering you immediate feedback, and guidance over the agreed upon time.


2 Ways to Play

*  12 Class Bundle  *

*  24 Class Bundle  *


Want more details?

Hop on a

FREE 20 Minute

Yoga Zoom Session


Why You, Irena?

My super power is listening, seeing, and translating.

Through Yoga, Energy Work, and Intuition

I will tune into what your body, mind, and spirit need most from a yoga session and create a unique and personalized practice to help you achieve your biggest dreams. 

Personalized one on one yoga sessions with Irena Miller. A dedicated Yoga Teacher with over 20 years of yoga experience.

With over 20 years of yoga under my belt, students know that they get a highly tailored and personalized practice from me. I can design a yoga sequence that supports you in that very moment. And you walk away knowing that you were seen and given something of great value. You don’t always get that, even in face to face classes.

I know what it’s like to be burnt out and exhausted. After 4 years of running a brick and mortar yoga studio, wearing all the hats, having a 3 year old and an infant during that time……I crashed hard. I share the yoga that has helped me bounce back from real life, everyday challenges, and that continues to help me as an entrepreneur!

What they’re saying…

Who know’s “why” better than the people who have experienced playing yoga with me:


Irena’s content is all about working on the parts of my body that hurt. As a mom and an online entrepreneur she gets my life and knows just how to make it better. Her soothing voice and useful practices always make my day and have changed my life. I get better sleep and have better days when I follow her practices, and when I start to ache I know I need more Irena in my life.

– Dana Malstaff, CEO Boss Mom LLC

photo credit:  Taylor Barker

photo credit:  Taylor Barker

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