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The Yoga Club with Irena

August 2017 – The Pathway to Crane/Crow Pose

Core Strength Practice

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Yoga Club with Irena - Live bite sized yoga practices


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*  Tuesday’s Yoga Class

Open those stiff hips, strengthen your legs, and burn those calories with a wake up yoga flow! 

Begin with Sun Salutes, then wind your way into a hip opening standing yoga flow! You will be that cutie with the booty in no time!







*  Thursday’s Yoga Class

Soothe your nerves and find your calm during crazy times with this flowing practice.  You will work with your breath in the sun salute and open the front of your hips through a lunge series. Imagine how your whole body will just sigh with relief as you rest in savasana.




master class the yoga club with irena

Master Classes in the Yoga Club



Links to MASTER CLASSES will be posted here:

*  Coming Soon August 2017 – Master Class on Bakasana – Crane Pose


demos for the Yoga Club with Irena

Demos For Alignment Tips, Techniques, and Tricks


Downward Facing Dog to High Lunge

A few tips to make the transition from Down Dog to High Lunge with more ease.


Side Plank – Vasisthasana

Avoid wrist discomfort, shoulder aches, and learn how to use your legs and fire your core to make side plank fun!

Strengthen Your Wrists Exercise

Use squid hands and pincer fingers to tone the muscles around your wrist and create space between the bones in the heel of your hands. Ultimately to create space for the nerves and tendons there. 

This strengthening will help prevent you from collapsing your weight into the heel of your hand and enable you to flex your hand in weight bearing poses and root the mound of your index finger down with more ease!


Eagle Arms

The alignment and purpose behind eagle arms.


archive of yoga club videos

Tuesday, 8/1/17
Fire the core and tone your tummy with foundation based yoga poses. (25 minutes).

Click here for the practice.


Thursday, 8/3/17

A deep hip opening practice to help calm you, lose the overwhelm, and find your breath.  You’ll definitely feel worked and pleasantly spent!  (25 minutes).  

Click here for the practice.


Tuesday, 8/8/17

Through the practice of lunges find your center, add in the cactus arms and get your core fired up. Close with a sweet twist and the happy baby pose to make sure your back is happy for the day! (25 minutes)  

Click here for the practice.


Thursday, 8/10/17

A sassy, super, splendid hip opening sequence!  Let go of the hidden stresses in those hips and find a whole new wiggle to your walk! (25 minutes)

Click here for the practice.


Tuesday, 8/15/17

Melt those knots in your shoulders and say goodbye to texting neck!  Using eagle arms and cow face arms you’ll find your way to an energized day!! (30 minutes) 

Click here for the practice.


Thursday, 8/17/17

Wake up the feet and work those toes, to improve your balance. Release the stress in your hips with longer holds and strengthen the connective tissues in the lower body only working at 50% of your intensity level. Ultimately, release the fatigue that makes those legs feel heavy. Inspired by the Yin style yoga practice. (30 minutes)  

Click here for the practice.


Tuesday, 8/22/17

This practice will wake you up and get your creativity flowing! Grab
a block and join the fun!

Use a yoga block to help you tone your core and strengthen those inner thighs with a spicy sun salute. Get ready to say good-bye to any jiggles and wiggle your way into a flying experience with supine crane pose! 

You’ll finish the practice with a sweet reclined bound angle pose.

Click here for the practice.


Thursday, 8/24/17

Get ready to rock being a true goddess and finding your creative voice! 

Strengthen your feet and ankles to help you build a strong foundation for opening your hips!  And release the tension in your inner thighs and hips with side angle and goddess pose! You will create some heat in those legs to ultimately create a powerful and transformative practice!  

Click here for the practice!


Tuesday, 8/29/17

Booty building, heart elevating, core strengthening let’s get it going practice! Through a series of lunges, hamstring openers and strengtheners, you’ll prepare to take flight in a version of Warrior III! 

Your energy will be pumping and your confidence will be sky high after this class! And those hammies (beloved hamstrings) will get some much needed love!

Please modify according to your needs and check the tips in the demos below for extra help.

Click here for the practice.


Thursday, 8/31/17

Ready to work those inner thighs and tone your tummy? This is what you’ve been working towards all month! Crane pose!

Open those hips with squats, lizard pose, and pigeon prep, melt the stress in the upper back and get ready to fly in crane pose!

Click here for the practice.



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