Strong Core More!


Strong Core More!


It’s time to fly.  Don’t worry about wings.  Here we go!


Bakasana Modified – Crow Pose

Tip #1 – It’s time to leave the nest

“For those determined to fly, having no wings is just a little detail.”  – Jane Lee Logan

bakasana crow pose yoga irena
  1.  Using a perch makes it a little easier to get our knees above our elbows, which is a key point for this pose.

  2. Grab a block or stool.

  3. Squat on the that little block and place your hands like you would for downward facing dog – hands shoulder distance wide, creases of the wrist parallel to the top of the mat.

  4. Always look ahead.  DON’T look at your feet, they’re doing just fine. 🙂

  5. Bend your arms (DON’T move your hands) and elbows go a little wide.

  6. Squatting low on the block, wiggle your shins/inside of knee high on the upper arm.

  7. You can stay here and practice squeezing those thighs towards each other and drawing the belly in and up.

  8. Or simply maintain your alignment and move your weight forward.  Going from the ball of your feet towards your tippy toes.

  9. Hug those thighs in and draw the belly in and up.

  10. Still ok?  Lift one foot at a time.

  11. With both feet up, keep squeezing those inner thighs towards each other and engaging the belly.

  12. Fly!  Be Free!

Bakasana – Crow Pose

Tip #2 – where’s my magic carpet?

Yes, this is work.  It’s no magic carpet ride.  We have to be firmly rooted on the earth through our hands in order to fly with a sense of lightness.

bakasana crow yoga pose
  1. Try Bakasana without the block.

  2. Over time you can straighten your arms a little more and draw the feet up towards the sit bones.

Parsvakonasana – Side Angle

Tip #3 – Don’t cheat yourself

“Stop the words now.  Open the window in the center of your chest and let the spirits fly in and out.”  – Rumi

parasvakonasana side angle yoga pose
  1. It’s easy to “cheat” in this pose.  There should be a lot of tummy action here.  Often we just collapse onto that front arm and leg.

  2. Take a wide stance.  Turn your left foot in and right foot out.  Line up right heel to left arch.  Make sure your right toes are pointing towards the top of your mat.

  3. Bend your right leg to 90 degrees, keeping knee over ankle.

  4. You can bring your right elbow to your right thigh or right fingers to the floor on the outside of your right foot.

  5. Keep the top of the left thigh rooted back, scoop the right sit bone underneath you, and draw the right side of the belly in and up.

  6. Open your chest to the sky and stretch your left arm alongside your ear.

  7. Gaze towards your left fingertips.

  8. The action of drawing the belly in and up will help you open up your hips.  Your front leg won’t tire as quickly now.

  9. Stretch actively from the core of your belly out through your left fingers and down through your left foot.

Virabhadrasana III – Warrior 3

Tip #4 – Aim your arrow true

Dream big and aim for the sun.

vira warrior 3 yoga pose irena
  1. Starting from a forward bend, step your left leg back into a high lunge.

  2. Bring your hands up onto your right thigh and lift your chest up (modified Warrior 1).

  3. Lift your arms and bring them to 90 degrees, like “stick ’em up”, or a cactus.

  4. Bow the chest forward 10 inches, draw the sides of the waistline back, the belly in and up.

  5. Draw your left foot forward just a little bit, bringing more weight onto your right foot.

  6. Lift the left leg, square the hips, and squeeze the thighs towards each other.

  7. Stretch the arms straight, spreading fingers and toes, lengthen from the belly out through the fingers and back through the left foot.

  8. Take a breath and switch sides.

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